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This Monday, as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton square off for the first presidential debate, the NPR Politics team with be right along with them, fact-checking the debate in real-time. And your station can feature this too, via an embedded widget that will automatically update the debate transcript along with live annotations from the NPR Politics Team. Get a peek at what this might look like below: 

NPR One: one more way to reach listeners during pledge drive

Sep 13, 2016

  As you gear up for your on-air membership drive, keep in mind that NPR One can help support your multi-platform messaging campaign. Many stations are reporting improved drive results when listeners encounter similar messaging across all a station's platforms. 

NPR One should be one of those platforms.

Just as you may support your on-air drive with web banners, follow-up emails, in-app messaging, and/or social media outreach, so can you coordinate your NPR One pledge spot to reflect your fund drive theme. However, make sure to tweak your key drive messaging to the younger, newer public radio audience that is using NPR One.

During pledge audio, NPR One listeners will be able to tap on their screen and go directly to the pledge page as you've designated in Station Connect. If you're looking to track donations direct from NPR One, you can use the same instructions for adding pledge audio and a pledge URL to NPR One, and input a dedicated pledge URL you only use for NPR One.

Our NPR One Local Team has been hard at work on two key goals: building stronger individual relationships with listeners and improving the station experience on the app. To both of these ends, we have some news to share.

To ensure a consistent experience across platforms and promote longer listening, we’re encouraging user profiles, recommending content using the explore feature, and getting listeners to stories faster. We’re also adding the ability to upload your newscasts as .wav files to make them easier to upload with higher quality audio.

We're excited to announce that new versions of the PMP Plugin for WordPress and Drupal have been released!

The PMP Plugins can be used to retrieve content from the PMP to add to your site, as well as to send your content to the PMP to share with other stations.

What's new in these versions?

#PMDMC16 Wrap-up and our takeaways

Aug 19, 2016

  Perhaps we're a little biased because it was in our backyard, but we had a great PMDMC this year. With over 60 sessions offered, as well as mini-courses run at DS University within the NPR booth, we at Digital Services had much to discuss with you at the show and amongst ourselves after returning to the office. 

First, we want to thank all of you who spent time with us in the NPR booth throughout the week. Whether you attended a course, played games with us, or stopped by for a chat, it was great to see you in person!

NPR One Membership Leads: Things to know and things to do

Aug 17, 2016

Each month you download lists of emails of your NPR One listeners. But, then what?

That’s a question we heard from a lot of you at PMDMC in Boston. As a network, we’re still figuring out how to best use these leads to turn NPR One listeners into donors. We’re looking forward to working and learning along with you.

But we aren’t starting from scratch. Here’s what we’ve heard and learned from stations that are already engaging with their NPR One leads.

Thank you for joining us yesterday for the NPR One - Improving the station experience webinar!

Asli Binal, Tamar Charney, Tejas Mistry, and Janeen Williamson discussed:


  • Simplifying NPR One Newscast Requirements - .WAV Now Accepted
  • NPR One Newscast Expiration Options - Now you can select your expiration 2, 4, 6 hour
  • Improvements to Station Branding within NPR One - Search by zip code, call letters, AND organization name 


In support of our recent announcement that effective September 30, 2016, NPR Digital Services is transitioning its streaming service from Limelight to Triton Digital, we have added a new player option for Core Publisher stations specifically for Triton Digital streams.  The Triton Player is now an option for your station to select in your Core Publisher Stream Management options.  

Triton Player Features include:

We’re happy to announce that new versions of the NPR Story API Plugin for WordPress and for Drupal have been released and are available for your use!

Why should I use the NPR Story API Plugin?

NPR Story API Plugin can be added to your WordPress or Drupal site with minimal technical expertise. This will allow you to easily:

NPR One Newscast Expiration Options


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