Editorial Monthly Newsletter
1:47 pm
Wed March 19, 2014

Spotlight on KALW, KCUR, and WFAE, Plus Knight Training Highlights

Credit poster designed by Rich Black

In this month’s newsletter, you’ll hear about how KALW, KCUR and WFAE are using radio, social media and their local community to tell stories, highlights from our final Knight Foundation conference and take a peek into Jesse Thorn's digital life. Have something to share for next month? Let us know – email or tweet us a hello @NPRDS.

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Digital Strategy
9:15 am
Tue March 18, 2014

Training On Demand: How To Start Your Public Radio Show Off Right On Social Media

Facebook and Twitter can be a powerful tool for public radio programs of all sizes.
Credit Maria Elena/Flickr

Growing your show’s social media presence can feel challenging at times, especially when you’re just starting out. But many of the basics that help reporters and stations find their foothold can help shows too. 

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3:41 pm
Fri March 14, 2014

Pageviews Aren't Perfect but They're a Good Place to Start

There's nothing like hyperbole to get someone's attention.  Oh boy, did Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile get people's attention when he said "what you think you know about the web is wrong"- but let's all take a breath before we start throwing out our Google Analytics data.

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Digital Strategy
1:12 pm
Thu March 13, 2014

KCRW Uses Tumblr to Take on South by Southwest

KCRW's Tumblr blog for the 2014 SXSW Festivals in Austin is the latest example of the California public radio station using Tumblr to cover live events.
Credit Emily Alfin Johnson/NPR

Last weekend, tens of thousands descended upon Austin, Texas for the start of the 2014 South by Southwest Festival. The nine day event, which continues through March 16, is a huge operation. It features musical performances at more than 100 venues, highly anticipated TV and movie premieres and even an interview with NSA leaker, Edward Snowden

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Audio Analytics
11:16 am
Thu March 13, 2014

How to Compare Your Broadcast and Streaming Metrics

Credit Eric Bennett/Flickr

We all know that digital listening is on the rise. But exactly how much listening is now streaming vs broadcast, and how can you track this over time for your station?

To find out, you need to compare broadcast numbers from Nielsen Audio (formerly Arbitron) to streaming numbers from Triton Webcast Metrics. But sadly, these two sources measure things a bit differently, and there are details you need to know in order to compare them accurately.

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Digital Strategy
11:01 am
Thu March 13, 2014

Tips on Digital Engagement From NHPR's Word of Mouth: Experiment, Be Consistent and Keep Trying

The Word Of Mouth Team. From left to right: Maureen McMurray, Taylor Quimby, Virginia Prescott, Logan Shannon, their "awesome" intern, Sarah Thomas and Zach Nugent (on top.)
Credit Maureen McMurray/NHPR

NHPR's Word of Mouth focuses on “new ideas, emerging trends and untold stories.” The hour-long show airs Monday through Thursdays and Saturdays. Their engaging and fun online presence is consistent, and often experimental. (Terrible love song anyone?)

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Digital Strategy
10:55 am
Thu March 13, 2014

Training On Demand: How Public Radio Shows Can Help Their Stories Succeed Online

A panoramic view of the WNYC offices, including the Brian Lehrer Show workspace.
Credit Jody Avirgan

Here at Digital Services, we're starting an ongoing project checking in with shows around the country about their digital best practices and strategies. From some of these conversations, we'll share many of the tips various public radio show staff have for succeeding online. We'll also point to relevant resources and training from our own archive. Have a suggestion for a person or show to talk to? Email it to, or send us a tweet @NPRDS. 

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Consumer Trends
10:28 am
Fri March 7, 2014

Infinite Dial Research Details the Growth of Online Listening

The Infinite Dial is an annual survey of consumer media usage conducted by Edison Research and sponsored by Triton Digital. It's full of important trends and statistics on listener behaviors that matter to public media. Here are a few highlights:

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Digital Strategy for Shows
10:15 am
Mon March 3, 2014

How WNYC's The Brian Lehrer Show Efficiently Serves Their Online Audience

Brian Lehrer checks Twitter during a staff news meeting. The staff uses Twitter for story ideas, crowdsourcing and to talk with listeners of The Brian Lehrer Show.
Credit Jody Avirgan

Here at Digital Services, we're checking in with shows around the country about their digital best practices and strategies. 

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My So-Called Digital Life
3:19 pm
Wed February 26, 2014

A Peek Inside Martha Kang's Digital Life

Credit Martha Kang/KPLU

This month we spoke with Martha Kang. Martha is the online managing editor at KPLU in Seattle, Wash. She oversees both and Quirksee, a “hub for visual, brow-raising stories that pique your curiosity.” In the midst of Martha’s busy days writing, editing and more, she took a few minutes to share some of her favorite digital spaces online. They’re worth a read:

Three daily must-reads
The New York Times, Al-Jazeera America, Circa

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