Facebook 101 [VIDEO]

Nov 9, 2012

Journalists can use Facebook to find story ideas, sources and more.
Credit Facebook

UPDATE: April, 2014

This webinar is out-of date. Refer to Facebook's media guides for the most updated best practices for getting started on Facebook.   

In a recent webinar, we talked about Facebook basics and how to start taking advantage of some key features for reporters now. 

Watch the video and click through the slides of the webinar below. Here are some highlights:

Signing Up:

Keep it simple with your name, and make sure to identify where you work and upload a picture of yourself.


Whether you're signing up or have been on awhile, make sure to check through your privacy settings at http://www.facebook.com/privacy. Make sure to check who can tag you, and what the public can see on your profile.

Facebook Subscribe:

Consider turning Facebook Subscribe on if you want to have a place on Facebook for the public to connect with you. Eric Athas goes over how reporters can use Facebook Subscribe in detail in this video.

Facebook Search:

Use Facebook search to find public posts, groups, pages and sources. 

Facebook Lists:

Use Facebook lists to organize your Facebook resources. For example, I followed this Hurricane and Tropical Storm Resources List to follow Sandy news from local news outlets and emergency preparedness groups.

More Resources:

Like the Facebook and Journalists page for more ideas: http://www.facebook.com/journalists


Facebook 101 from NPR Digital Services on Vimeo.


Facebook 101 from nprdigital