How to be a Successful Blogger? Learn the Dark Secrets

Aug 24, 2012

The Argo Project collaboration between NPR and select member stations has come to an end but many of the stations are continuing their blogs. And Digital Beat Reporting is just getting underway at other stations around the country, as they consider the success they can achieve when they smartly cover an important topic, build authority and credibility, and engage their community - a community that might be national or international.

The Editorial team at Digital Services is building a resource of articles and training materials about building a digital beat - from choosing the topic to finding the right blogger to making the blog a success. 

Here's a good starting point: in this video (recorded in front of a group of public radio stations at the Knight Digital Media Center), NPR's Matt Thompson digs into the daily workflow of a blogger and distills a series of techniques used by the most successful bloggers use to generate content, grow audience, build credibility and harness their community. Watch the video

This isn't theoretical - it's practical and tactical, the eight ideas any blogger or digital beat reporter can steal borrow and start using today.

Usc Dark Arts from Matthew Thompson - Watch the video Thompson has also written a series of posts about each of the "dark secrets" of blogging superstars.