Introducing the Q&A Cafe Online FAQ and Collaboration Forum

We are pleased to announce the NPR Digital Services Q&A Cafe that will foster collaboration between stations to get the most out of Core Publisher and the NPR Story API by tapping into a community of users. In addition to asking for help from the DS Support Team, the Q&A Cafe will allow users and subject matter experts assisting each other with getting the most out of Core Publisher and the API. Our long-term goal is to facilitate collaboration with and between stations to share best practices, advice, and helpful tips on using a greater range of select DS products and technology platforms.

To get started, go to to create an account. For additional details on how to engage and interact with this forum, visit our Getting Started Guide.

How you should use this forum?

  • Ask questions; get expertise from your fellow users
  • Answer questions; offer up your own expertise
  • Suggest new features; get feedback from users

What this forum will NOT do?

The DS Support team will not be monitoring this forum for bugs or issues. Please continue to report defects by submitting a ticket through our online form located here:

What do you have to do?

Be yourself. Use this online FAQ the way that you would use any other forum. Pose questions, answer questions from other users, give a thumbs up for good answers, and share answers with others at your station.

As always, be respectful.

We look forward to seeing you at the Q&A Cafe!