Products and Services

NPR Digital Services provides a suite of products and services for NPR member stations.

Core Publisher: Revolutionary new CMS based on Drupal 7. Core Publisher enables you to easily manage your station web site, freeing up valuable resources so you can focus on creating content and building audience.

SoundExchange Reporting Bundle: CPB selected NPR Digital Services to collect and report music streaming data to SoundExchange for public stations covered by the CPB-SoundExchange webcasting agreement. Stations that use Composer Pro and our live streaming won't need to do anything beyond registering!

  • Composer™ Pro and Basic: Create and maintain dynamic program guides and playlists and  generate reports for SoundExchange, BMI, ASCAP and others. Pro and Basic options available.
  • Live Audio/Video Streaming: Stream your live signal so people can listen online and via the iPhone and other mobile devices. Your station receives a complete software and equipment package and 24/7 support.

Pulse™: A sophisticated email marketing system designed specifically for public broadcasters. Integrated with Quick Pledge.

Quick Pledge™: A secure PCI-compliant online pledging system with integrated premium management tools designed specifically for your public broadcasting station. Integrated with Pulse.

Check out the Online Demo for a more in-depth look at our products.