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In support of our recent announcement that effective September 30, 2016, NPR Digital Services is transitioning its streaming service from Limelight to Triton Digital, we have added a new player option for Core Publisher stations specifically for Triton Digital streams.  The Triton Player is now an option for your station to select in your Core Publisher Stream Management options.  

Triton Player Features include:

Podcasting is an important tool in the digital landscape for sharing your station content.  We’ve received great feedback from stations regarding podcasting capabilities in Core Publisher.  We’ve heard you and we have taken steps to improve the way Core Publisher manages podcasts!

We want to give a special thank you to our diligent podcast pilot group for helping us test these updates on their live Core Publisher sites: Vermont Public Radio, KUOW, KMUW, Michigan Radio, and Southern Carolina Public Radio.

We're happy to announce the release of PMP Push capabilities inside of Core Publisher. Starting today, stations using Core Publisher have the ability to enable Push settings for PMP. Enabling this allows station users to choose, on a post by post basis, which stories they want to push up to the PMP.

This represents an exciting step in the integration of Core Publisher with the PMP. Stations have been able to pull content down for some time, but until now have not had an easy way to get Core Publisher content ingested into the PMP.

This block helps stations display local stories, NPR stories, or both, based on station-defined categories from inner aggregation pages of the site onto the homepage.  We've also built in a number of display options for this block so you can control how it appears on your site. These blocks replace the NPR News and category blocks from past themes, but are even more robust!

Step-by-step instructions, including detailed examples and helpful scenarios »

Starting this winter, we’ll be releasing a new set of features for creating, listing, and promoting community events within Core Publisher.

Core Publisher Persistent Player

We’re excited to announce the availability of the Persistent Player for Core Publisher (Responsive design sites only). The new Persistent Player provides a new audio experience that allows users to enjoy your streams, uninterrupted, as they navigate your site. It supports multiple streams, with associated stream and song information, in a simple treatment that is easy to use for any site visitor.

Here are the key features that set this player apart from past Core Publisher stream tools:

In January, we shared some initial data on improvements for Core Publisher stations that had moved to the responsive theme.  Those improvements included better tracking, improved search performance, and increased reading. Recently, we looked at data for the set of stations that moved to responsive in February 2015.  These stations saw similar improvements, including increases in story reading.   

NPR Digital Services Monthly Product Update

Here is a summary of bug fixes and feature enhancements that we have made to Core PublisherComposer 2, the NPR One AppStationConnectDS Marketing Forms & QuickPledgeStation Analytics System, and our Streaming Service over the last 4 weeks.

NPR Digital Services has prepared a detailed guide for how to add images to post pages on Core Publisher responsive theme sites.

NPR Digital Services Monthly Product Update

Here is a summary of bug fixes and feature enhancements that the Digital Services Team has made over the last 4 weeks.

Core Publisher Updates:  

This tutorial describes how to run medium ads with wrap-around custom text — that is, some kind of header or footer text, typically used to identify the image as an advertisement. For example, the ad to the right has a heading that says, "Support for Michigan Radio is provided by."

Many stations did this sort of thing with Core Publisher in the past by using a "third party" ad, which is a type of DFP creative unit where you can add custom html. Doing so with the responsive theme requires making a few adjustments, however.

How to set up a responsive footer

Feb 17, 2015

One of the most noticeable changes within the Core Publisher Responsive Theme is how logos and links are added to and displayed in your site's footer. We've replaced the "flexi-footer" from the old Core Publisher with a cleaner, trimmed down responsive footer.

In creating a header for the responsive theme, we've aimed to strike a balance between flexibility and simplicity. We want it flexible enough for stations to achieve their branding requirements — and simple, so we can ensure it works at all device sizes and is easy to maintain.

Thank you to all of the stations that were able to join us for the Responsive theme update for Core Publisher webinar. 

In this webinar we discussed:

The Core Publisher development team has been working hard to introduce a fully functioned responsive web theme. Over the past few months a handful of sites have moved to this new theme which provides a cleaner look and allows a consistent experience across devices. While we can't share sites confidential details, we can point to a few positive trends that we have seen post launch.

Thank you to all the stations who joined us for the Twitter Chat last month! We had a great time answering your questions about the new Responsive Web Design in Core Publisher. 

If anyone missed the Twitter Chat or just want to look back on the questions and answers, the feed from the chat is now available on Click the link below to take a look at what we talked about during the chat:

Come join us for the second all-station Twitter chat on Friday, October 24 from 3-4 p.m. ET!

#NPRChats is an informal way for NPR Digital Services to talk with and answer questions from our Member Stations about a different topic or theme each month.

These are questions asked during the FY2015 Core Publisher  webinar. We expect to continue adding to this list as more questions come up. 

Is this Responsive Redesign phase only for certain stations?  Our station site is currently using a modular template for our homepage, not a river-style template.

In our ever-evolving digital era, audience members  are  turning to podcasts as a way to connect with radio content. It is imperative that stations provide this alternative digital platform to their audience members, but why not take it a step further and distinguish your streams with creative, customized settings?   

Core Publisher is programmed to automatically display the title of the podcasts as [Station Reference Letters— Title of Program/ Category/ Topic] and the general station logo as the podcast logo. 

To retrieve the podcast and RSS links go to the Category, Tag or Program page on your site. This will ensure that you access only certain audio files and not all of your digital audio content. I will use the Talk of Iowa program on Iowa Public Radio as an example.