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With an editorially-focused presentation, the Core Publisher content management system natively integrates with NPR APIs and Composer 2, provides a CDN for audio, and serves as a basic promotional tool for marketers and membership teams. Core Publisher provides a simple way to distribute digital content to a station’s' audience and the public media system, while supporting best practices for digital first content production.

Watch a video to learn about Core Publisher as a CMS and discover if it is right for your station.

For Core Publisher stations, we are launching the next generation of Community Calendar, replacing our old Public Interactive Events platform that we will retire at the end of this summer. We hope that you’ll be able to use the updated events functionality to engage your audience in real life, not just over the air or on your website.

Community Calendar, Core Publisher’s latest set of features for creating, listing, and promoting events, is ready for stations. Check out the video below to get an overview.

Review the webinar archives below from May 4th, where Justin Brown and Rakiesha Chase Jackson discussed:

This block helps stations display local stories, NPR stories, or both, based on station-defined categories from inner aggregation pages of the site onto the homepage.  We've also built in a number of display options for this block so you can control how it appears on your site. These blocks replace the NPR News and category blocks from past themes, but are even more robust!

Step-by-step instructions, including detailed examples and helpful scenarios »

We’re excited to announce the arrival of responsive Category Blocks for all Core Publisher sites!

This homepage block will allow stations to create blocks of content on their homepage to display NPR News and locally produced content based on two main filters.

Core Publisher Persistent Player

We’re excited to announce the availability of the Persistent Player for Core Publisher (Responsive design sites only). The new Persistent Player provides a new audio experience that allows users to enjoy your streams, uninterrupted, as they navigate your site. It supports multiple streams, with associated stream and song information, in a simple treatment that is easy to use for any site visitor.

Here are the key features that set this player apart from past Core Publisher stream tools:

We are excited to announce a special Core Publisher training opportunity for all current Core Publisher users to refresh and sharpen their web production and site administration skills.

Core Publisher Summer Training Sessions: August 4 ­through September 15

NPR Digital Services Monthly Product Update

Here is a summary of bug fixes and feature enhancements that we have made to Core PublisherComposer 2, the NPR One AppStationConnectDS Marketing Forms & QuickPledgeStation Analytics System, and our Streaming Service over the last 4 weeks.

New tools for clients of NPR Digital Services may help to boost adoption of the Public Media Platform, a digital content distribution system that is angling for long-term sustainability.

NPR Digital Services has prepared a detailed guide for how to add images to post pages on Core Publisher responsive theme sites.

We’re pleased to announce the availability of new integration services that support the Public Media Platform's goal of making it easier for viewers, listeners and mobile audiences to find and interact with news, cultural and educational content produced by public media. These services - new functionality within Core Publisher and a new PMP Drupal module - allow stations to access and publish PMP content to their websites.

NPR Digital Services Monthly Product Update

Here is a summary of bug fixes and feature enhancements that the Digital Services Team has made over the last 4 weeks.

Core Publisher Updates:  

This tutorial describes how to run medium ads with wrap-around custom text — that is, some kind of header or footer text, typically used to identify the image as an advertisement. For example, the ad to the right has a heading that says, "Support for Michigan Radio is provided by."

Many stations did this sort of thing with Core Publisher in the past by using a "third party" ad, which is a type of DFP creative unit where you can add custom html. Doing so with the responsive theme requires making a few adjustments, however.

How to set up a responsive footer

Feb 17, 2015

One of the most noticeable changes within the Core Publisher Responsive Theme is how logos and links are added to and displayed in your site's footer. We've replaced the "flexi-footer" from the old Core Publisher with a cleaner, trimmed down responsive footer.

In creating a header for the responsive theme, we've aimed to strike a balance between flexibility and simplicity. We want it flexible enough for stations to achieve their branding requirements — and simple, so we can ensure it works at all device sizes and is easy to maintain.

Thank you to all of the stations that were able to join us for the Responsive theme update for Core Publisher webinar. 

In this webinar we discussed:

So you have a newly designed Core Publisher web site that's responsive and looks beautiful. 

Here are some things to keep in mind when you're creating stories in Core Publisher (or any content management system) to make sure you get the most out of it.