Station Analytics Fall 2019 Updates

Nov 12, 2019

Since the team launched the new NPR One Dashboards in August, we've been hard at work making improvements. Over the past few months, we've made a few minor tweaks to make the dashboards easier to read. Today we're rolling out some more noticeable changes that we want to highlight for you.

Starting today, you'll find some new features on the dashboard, including:

Launch of the New NPR One Dashboards in Station Analytics

Aug 12, 2019

The new NPR One dashboards - for the content you put into the NPR One iOS and Android Apps - provide you with the metrics and insights you need to make better curatorial and editorial decisions about your audio reporting and storytelling. The detailed content performance data we now have in Station Analytics is more actionable than any audio performance data we've been able to provide to you before.

We are excited to get these new reports into your hands and to hear how your station puts the data to use.

The new NPR One Dashboards let you access detailed metrics on each piece of audio content that you put into NPR One in a way that has never been possible with broadcast metrics. By learning to use this data you will have the tools to make better curatorial and editorial decisions for NPR One, broadcast and beyond. There are two key actionable metrics on the NPR One Dashboards:

Since the introduction of the Story API launched in Core Publisher in 2011, stations have not been able to render layout content from NPR stories on their website. This means that, when publishing a national story in Core Publisher, images would appear misplaced in a slideshow instead of in the body of a story. In addition, Tweets and other embeds would not appear.

In our efforts to improve the content distribution process, API stories published on Core Publisher sites will mirror the same layout from

This means:

WordPress API Plugins Updated

Oct 23, 2018

Over the last month we have released updates to both of our API WordPress plugins.   Both releases include a number of bug fixes, improved usability regarding configuring the plugin, and support for PHP 7 and WordPress 4.9.  The updated versions of the plugins, along with FAQs and documentation, can be found in GitHub,, and via the plugin admin in WordPress sites. 

SAS Launches Improved Audio Downloads Measurement

Oct 16, 2018

Today, we are launching new and improved interactive reports and measurement technology for audio downloads - stations can now access the analytics that they need. Reliable and accurate measurement and analytics of audio downloads is critical to prove the value of your news, storytelling and podcasts.

What we learned at BizLab this summer (WBUR)

Oct 3, 2018

Revenue Experiments in Public Radio

WBUR launched BizLab back in 2015 out of a desire to ensure public radio stays financially strong, vibrant, and relevant to our audiences. Since then, BizLab has been dedicated to identifying new markets for content, developing new partnerships with business, education and tech communities, and evaluating new membership and revenue sources.

Core Publisher moves to HTTPS

Aug 16, 2018

Over the past two-plus years, NPR has been hard at work on an effort to secure all of our Internet communications and transactions. While this was a complex, multi-faceted effort that touched everything from our website ( to our mobile apps (NPR News and NPR One) to our API calls to our podcast, video, and stream delivery from distributed networks of producers, it was important work that set the foundation to allow us to do the same with many of the tools we provide to Member stations.

This information was shared with NPR Member Stations in a webinar on Wednesday, June 20. You can watch the webinar, too.

Simplifying NPR Sign-ins

In last month’s PubMetrics presentation, we shared our biannual update on the overall digital trends in public media. For live streaming listening, we were happy to report that we’ve continued to see encouraging growth for stations. Looking at data for 340 public radio streams, total listening hours in Q1 2018 were up 6% year-over-year. 


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