Analytics Service

Metrics that matter. Insights that illuminate. Powerful data on your site and your streams.

Our Analytics Service provides the business intelligence you need to answer key questions:

  • Is my site accomplishing the goals I have for it?
  • Is my online audience growing for my site and my streams?
  • Are users engaged with my content?
  • How do I compare to other stations like mine?
  • Where should I be spending more time and energy?

We will help you get accurate data on your digital performance by providing easy-to-use reporting tailored for public media, with access to Google Analytics Premium, Chartbeat, and Triton. We also go beyond the data to share actionable insights, digital best practices, A/B testing, and training on getting the most out of analytics. See the latest analytics updates.

The Analytics Service includes:

  • Best-of-breed site tagging so you can ensure your data is accurate and complete
  • Custom station reporting focused on the metrics that matter most for public media
  • Comparisons to digital metrics from other stations like you
  • Google Analytics Premium: fresher data and unsampled reporting from Google
  • Chartbeat: live dashboard of who's on your site and what they're looking at
  • Triton: streaming metrics and familiar radio metrics for better monetization
  • Actionable insights on critical trends, user behavior patterns, content usage, and more
  • A/B testing on key business challenges such as pledge optimization
  • Analytics training, case studies, and best practices for getting the most out of analytics

Site Tagging
Our Station Analytics site will become the hub for digital measurement and is the best way to tag your site(s) starting today. Our tagging system provides accurate, comprehensive data everyone can trust. We've built cross-domain tracking and event tracking into the system, so you get data that isn't easy to get from the default Google Analytics setup. It's also the easiest way to deploy and maintain site tagging, via one line of code on your pages that you'll never have to change.

Early next year, the Station Analytics system will also provide:

  • Aggregated metrics from multiple sources: site metrics from Google Analytics and stream metrics from Triton
  • An experience tailored for public media, emphasizing the metrics that matter most to stations
  • Comparisons that give context, so you can compare your metrics to other stations like you using a variety of attributes

Get started by registering at Station Analytics.

Google Analytics Premium
As part of the Analytics Service, we can upgrade your existing Google Analytics account to Premium. This is particularly valuable for larger stations with more site traffic, because Premium includes:

  • Improved data freshness: you see data within 4 hours instead of 24 hours
  • Unsampled reporting: you see real numbers, not estimates based on a sample
  • Additional custom variables for your use
  • Additional data in reports that you create
  • A standard implementation of Premium typical costs over $100,000, and we are happy to include Premium at no additional cost to stations.

A standard implementation of Premium typical costs over $100,000, and we are happy to include Premium at no additional cost to stations. See our site reporting FAQ or  learn more about Premium.

This is the real-time dashboard of your site that you'll want open on your monitor all day. The intuitive, addictive interface provides minute-by-minute insights on:

  • How many people are on your site right now
  • Which sites are sending you traffic
  • What content they are looking at
  • What they are sharing

Chartbeat is the perfect real-time companion to the deeper data you get from Google Analytics about longer-term trends. Learn more or read the Chartbeat FAQ.

Triton Webcast Metrics
Online listening is growing quickly, and Triton Webcast Metrics is the tool to measure it and compare your streams to those of other stations. Triton provides:

  • Key streaming metrics such as Average Active Sessions and Average Time Spent Listening
  • Traditional radio metrics such as AQH and Cume
  • Filtering by dates and daypart
  • Trended data as well as comparisons by station format

Know how many people are listening to your stream so you can better monetize it. Learn more or read the Triton FAQ.

More on Analytics

See the latest analytics news and updates on this site. If you missed a training webinar or a monthly metrics call, you can find presentations on the Analytics page on