Christina Macholan

Senior Digital Analyst, Station Analytics

Christina Macholan is the Senior Digital Analyst for Station Analytics at NPR. She works closely with stations to understand key digital trends across the public radio system. Prior to working at NPR, Christina worked as a data scientist at Civis Analytics and as a digital analyst, program manager, and analytics educator at Google.

In last month’s PubMetrics presentation, we shared our biannual update on the overall digital trends in public media. For live streaming listening, we were happy to report that we’ve continued to see encouraging growth for stations. Looking at data for 340 public radio streams, total listening hours in Q1 2018 were up 6% year-over-year. 

Back in April of 2015, we shared some initial research on the impact of stations supplementing their local coverage with syndicated content from the NPR API. Last month, we revisited the initial question that prompted this research: What role does content syndication play in the performance of station sites?