Sara Terpeny

Senior Support Manager

Sara joined NPR Digital Services in August of 2011. She currently oversees the team supporting Membership, Marketing, and Anlaytics tools such as NPR DS Maketing Forms, Salesforce Marketing Cloud the  Station Analytics System. 

Sara is passionate about helping stations navigate the ever-changing digital landscape so they can focus on creating the content that will keep them vital to their communities now and for decades to come. 

Originally from New Hampshire, Sara holds a B.A. in English from Trinity College in Hartford, CT and lives is the greater Boston metro area with her family.

Ways to Connect

Per previous announcements, the Boston data center was scheduled to close this September, and all stations were asked to make updates to their Core Publisher DNS settings to point to our new servers.

We began the process of taking the Boston data center offline Monday morning between 10:00am - 12:30pm ET.

If you are moving off of the NPR DS Salesforce Marketing Cloud onto a new Email Service Provider (ESP), it is important to ensure you are only importing active email addresses into your new solution to avoid serious deliverability issues.

To help with the transitions, we’ve outlined two key pitfalls, and actions you can take to avoid them.

In Email, Reputation is Everything

For stations evaluating email marketing solutions, we’ve outline features to look for and ask about. Ultimately, the cost of the solution you select will depend on factors such as your list size, the volume of email you send, the number of users who will need to access your account, and the level of advanced features needed.

Below, we’ve broken out the features being used by stations using our Salesforce Marketing Cloud service between those most commonly used, and those more advanced features used by few stations.

Most commonly used features:

When do I need to be off my NPR DS Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account?

December 1st. All NPR SMC accounts will be closed after this date.

Will I continue to be billed by NPR for my account if I move earlier?

When we first announced the launch of Marketing Forms three years ago, we worked with our Member stations to identify two key areas for improving our customized software: donation recurring payment data and pledge drive reporting.

Now that stations have over a year’s worth of live experience working the product, it’s time to evaluate the progress we’ve made and what future development would be most effective.

2016 in Review:

Marketing Forms Demo

Aug 2, 2016

Below is the recording and slides for the 8/1/16 demo of the NPR DS Marketing Forms, including information on the process for stations wishing to make the migration:


We are working on integrating new features from Salesforce Marketing Cloud into the NPR DS station accounts.  Below is more information on what is available now, and what's coming later this year:

Admin Mobile App for iPhones -- Available now!
Share results of your email campaigns away from your desk

If you’re using a iPhone (Android version is coming soon), you can now download a free Salesforce Marketing Cloud mobile app to manage, view and share results of your email campaigns without being tethered to your desk.

Set it and forget it email management

Later this summer, we plan to enable Automation Studio for member stations who want to try marketing automation in their email campaigns.

In Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Automation Studio can help you automate email tasks (sends, reporting) in a visual interface.

For example, many stations send multiple emails for a member renewal campaign. With Marketing Automation, you can set up a multi-step campaign to automatically send one or more emails and define how log to wait before automatically sending the next email, etc.

Improved interface for creating and sending emails

Later this year, a new content editor will appear in your Email Studio area of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. In beta for over a year, NPR has begun testing the Content Builder with some of our own internal groups and we’re excited by many of the new improvements detailed below.

Improved user interface

Sample sustainer upsell modal window
Visual design: Adam Kiryk

Below is an update on what's being worked on for the NPR DS Marketing Forms this summer. 

**Update** More information is available in the recording & slides from the Summer Updates Webinar held on 7/7/2016:

A secure payment gateway is required to process payments through the NPR DS Marketing Forms.  Stations wishing to make use of the forms need to first create an account with one of four compatible gateways:

  • Sage
  • Paypal Payflow Pro
  • Vantiv

All gateways may be used for securely charging a donor's credit card.  However, EFT/ACH processing is not available through with our forms.

Depending on your workflow for processing pledges, there are advantages and disadvantages to using certain gateways.


Sample sustainer upsell modal window
Visual design: Adam Kiryk

As we confirm our Summer 16 feature release schedule for Marketing Forms, we have opportunities for you to provide our team with valuable feedback on these upcoming features:

1. Real-Time Pledge Reports Survey (May 6)

Thank you for your feedback about using our two real-time pledge reports (Member Comments and Pledge Revenue Summary) since our initial release last fall. As part of improving these reports, we need some more information about your expected use of reporting during pledge drives in order to plan future development.

**Updated 2/16/2016**

Below is a recording of Salesforce Marketing Cloud training #3 on email reports:

Webinar Slides (PDF)

**Update 2/29/16 - The deployment of the new code has been delayed until the week of 3/7/16. Sara Terpeny will be contacting stations to confirm the new deployment schedule**

Our first 2016 Marketing Forms update is ready for release to all sites on March 2-3rd. In order to deploy this update, all NPRDS Marketing Forms will require a maintenance window, in which your site can be unavailable for up to 30 minutes. In our last quarterly deployment, most sites were back live within 15 minutes.

Below is information on recent updates made to the NPR DS Marketing Forms and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud email marketing service.

Universal Analytics Update

On October 27th, we updated all sites to include a new tracking code within the Marketing Forms pages to support the NPRDS Station Analytics System’s move to Universal Analytics on December 1st.

**Updated 2/09/16**

Below is a recording of Salesforce Marketing Cloud training #2 on managing lists:

Webinar slides (PDF)

**Updated 2/02/2016**

Below is a recording of Saleforce Marketing Cloud Training #1 on creating and customizing emails:

Webinar slides (PDF)

NPR Digital Services is pleased announced a partnership giving NPR Member Stations access to eMarketer Research - an industry leading research firm, providing data, insights and perspective for marketing in a digital world.

Any employee of an NPR Member Station with a station email address can get full access.

More information and the NPR Member sign-up link is available on

What is eMarketer?

Recording and slides from the 10/1/15 webinar introducing NPR Digital Service's new email marketing service for NPR Member Stations powered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly Exact Target). 

All stations using the old Pulse/Lyris email marketing system will need to move off the old system before 2/26/16.

Please contact us with any questions.

Webinar Recording:

Offline forms allow staff members and volunteers to enter pledges with options that are not available to your web visitors, including: