Stephanie Miller

Managing Director

Stephanie is the Managing Director for NPR Digital Services. She oversees the operations and staff of the Boston office, and is responsible for ensuring that Digital Services continues to deliver value to stations and aligns more closely with NPR’s audience development strategies under the NPR Digital portfolio.

Stephanie was the Director of Station Relations and Communications for NPR Digital Services, Stephanie led a diverse team to provide strategic relationship management, product implementation, customer support, and communications with stations.

Stephanie was the Account Director for Triad Retail Media with the CVS Online Media Program. As Account Director, Stephanie was the business lead managing the development of the program and relationship with CVS.

Prior to Triad Retail Media, Stephanie was the Director of Digital Media for Boston’s CBS Local Media digital property As Director of Digital Media, Stephanie was responsible for implementing the CBS Local digital strategy; developing multi-media promotional and brand strategies for; and integrating those strategies with the broadcast properties WBZ-TV, WSBK-TV (TV38), WBZ NewsRadio 1030, and 98.5 The Sports Hub. Stephanie oversaw the creation and implementation of programs to transform the company with education, social media, integrated media experiences, and operational procedures.

Stephanie joined Boston’s CBS Television Stations in 1999 and had been integral to the stations’ digital development. She was promoted to Director of Digital Media in 2006 and was also part of the digital team who took top honors in 2007, 2008 and 2009 with a regional Associated Press Award and who won the 2006 regional Edward R. Murrow Award for Best Website/Large Market. In September 2011 she was promoted to Director of Digital Media for Boston's CBS Local Media. With more than fifteen years of professional experience within technology and new media, Stephanie was a Novell-certified Internet business strategist. 

Stephanie graduated from Boston College in 1996 with a BA in History. She resides in a neighborhood of Boston with her husband and two children.

Ways to Connect

Below is a detailed list of new features you will be seeing in the app & StationConnect as of today:


  • New builds rolled out for Android v1.1.1.5 and iOS v1.1.1. Users will be reminded to update their app.


We’re very excited to report that we have released several updates to NPR One since our Soft Launch in July.  Below is a detailed list of new features you will be seeing in the app & StationConnect as of today:


  • Chromecast released 8.26.2014 
  • New builds are rolling out this week for Android v1.1.1.5 and iOS v1.1.1
  • Expanded Content/Suggestions Search - Highly requested enhancement, using the search icon will now allow you to search for more generic keyword terms. 


If you missed PMDMC, now is your chance to listen to a great discussion about what is important about or why stations should have a web site. For me, this was about opening a discussion around the purpose, service, and goals around web sites as a piece within a digital strategy. Reinforcing the need to use audience data and behavior to inform where and how to invest into developing a web site. It was a pleasure to be on this panel with Kevin, Alex and Karen, and I wanted to say thank you to Greater Media for including me.

Session Summary:

On March 24, 2014, NPR's acting President & CEO Paul Haaga announced a pledge to build a transformative local/national presence in the digital environment, and bring NPR and Member Station content to audiences however they choose to listen. Following an approval by the NPR Board of Directors, NPR became the first provider of news/talk content on iTunes Radio.

Thank you for working with us while we address Composer 2 issues and remaining core features. Your feedback continues to help us identify those issues. We wanted to update you on our current priorities and our timeline for addressing your concerns.


Stations currently using Composer 2 have identified several defects that our development team is working to address.

Current Priorities

Steve Mulder shares how DS approaches the work we do for and with stations through the lens of his UX expertise.

You will find some of StateImpact's recommendations for how you can duplicate some of those features (including maps, charts and graphs, tables, document viewers, images, topic pages, pages, featured posts) on your station site.

We’re implementing a new WordPress plugin to “ingest” StateImpact posts into the NPR API and, thus, your stations’ sites.

Over the last few sprints we have made the following updates and fixes:

  • fixed Top Referrers in Analytics Dashboard
  • moved the Core Pub codebase to Git
  • updated "170 Million" block branding
  • added program list from Composer 2
  • moved everyone to the new audio upload process
  • fixed top banner alignment

See additional details below. 

Fixed Top Referrers

NPR Digital Services is pleased to announce that we have developed a new support Help Center to provide additional self-service resources for stations to get answers to frequently asked questions, step-by-step how to instructions, training videos, and printable manuals for most of our products and services.

Our goal is to provide a variety of channels for stations to resolve any issues you have as quickly as possible, and reduce the need for submitting tickets for common questions and support needs.

Starting the week of August 5, 2013, the DS Support team is changing how we are working with the station community. Previously, each of our three support managers were regionally focused with a Station Relations Manager, handling all the setups and product & services support for a specific region.

Join The NPR Story API Listserv

Jul 17, 2013

We are pleased to announce the creation of a developer-focused listserv for all things NPR API.

On this listserv, your technical staff can:

With mobile and desktop streaming on the rise, it’s essential to know how many people are listening to support your revenue and audience goals.

 To initiate set up your stream measurement, please send an email to your streaming vendor to authorize NPR DS and Triton Media access to your log files.  Plus, request the access details to expedite the setup. Below is a list of what you will need your CDN to provide for us to complete the set up:

NPR Digital Services is pleased to announce a change to our Audio Streaming service.

A streamlined, simplified and more cost-effective audio streaming pricing policy will go into effect April 1, 2013. The new model is based on data usage per stream. This approach will result in a cost effective way for stations to deliver streamed content to a growing digital audience without having to worry about audience spikes.

Core Publisher is an editorially-focused content management system that puts your news and audio at the forefront of your site, and designed to support diverse promotional, membership and underwriting needs. Designed specifically for public radio, it includes a flexible, responsive presentation template with native integration with the NPR Story API enabling content syndication across the public radio digital ecosystem. 

The Q4 reporting period is approaching, please submit your reports now or before January 5, 2013. Get complete SX reporting details.

Election night is less than a week away!  Here’s a quick rundown of resources from NPR Digital Services to help you prepare for the big night online.  

NPR Digital Services would like to introduce Prudence Sinclair as an independent HR/Talent Acquisition expert offering her services to stations. If you are planning to bring in new talent or looking to replace key positions, we suggest speaking with Prudence Sinclair to discuss your hiring needs.

Listen to Kinsey Wilson share insights into the shift taking place across the audio landscape. Beginning around 4 minutes into the clip he gives a concise 5 minute presentation about how media disruption is impacting public radio and the responses NPR is making as a result. Follow the link and click on "The New Guys: Chief Content Officers".