Teresa Gorman

Digital News Specialist

Teresa works with stations and NPR staff on NPR's coaching and development team to help strengthen journalists' reporting, editing and storytelling to bring a more engaging experience to a growing audience across platforms. 

Prior to joining NPR, Teresa was social media editor at PBS NewsHour, where she played a leading role in shaping NewsHour's social media, outreach and engagement strategy. 

When not at work, you'll probably find Teresa at the local library, watching regrettable television or exploring the many neighborhoods of Boston, Somerville and Cambridge.


News Training
10:53 am
Wed November 12, 2014

Webinar: Tips for Throwing Events to Grow and Keep Audiences

Credit Nancy Lin, Flickr, CC

Events are a key way to connect with audiences. Join this webinar to hear practical tips that apply to throwing events of all kinds, from singles nights to book clubs to Instagram art shows. 

Presenters Brenda Williams-Butts, Senior Director of Community Engagement and Audience Development at New York Public Radio, Olivia Allen-Price, Interactive and Engagement Producer at KQED, and Ezra Romero, Reporter/Producer at Valley Public Radio shared their tips for throwing events both large and small in an hour-long webinar. 

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News Training
2:37 pm
Thu November 6, 2014

How Should I Pitch My Digital Idea at My Station?

Credit Original image via Flickr/donovanbeeson

As part of our work on the NPR editorial coaching and development team, we’ve found that stations share many of the same questions and concerns with us. This advice column is one way to help make those questions and answers more public. 

Share your feedback via email to tgorman@npr.org. Submit your own questions for future installments of the advice column in this form.

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News Training
12:07 pm
Wed November 5, 2014

Public Radio Covers the Election With Partnerships, Photos, and Personality

Credit Flickr/CC-BY/Keith Iver

Now that we're all recovering from the #NPRParty, its time to take a look at some of the different ways Member Stations covered the election. We asked via our newsletter and Twitter for submissions of interesting online work. Here are a few that stood out. Have an experiment or link to share? Tweet it to @gteresa or email it to tgorman@npr.org.

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News Training
11:28 am
Fri October 17, 2014

How KERA is Using Live Blogging Techniques to Cover Ebola in Dallas

A screenshot of KERA's live-blog of Ebola in Dallas coverage on October 14. Pictured is Nina Pham, a Dallas nurse infected with the Ebola virus.
Credit keranews.org


The NPR Scoop newsletter recently summarized the many ways NPR is covering Ebola, including work with station journalists and newsrooms. KERA in particular has been all over the story on-air and online since the first patient to be diagnosed with the disease in the U.S. showed up in Dallas.

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News Training
12:14 pm
Thu October 2, 2014

10 Things We Learned at the Online News Association Conference [VIDEO]

Credit Original photo via Robert Scoble, Flickr, CC

The Online News Association is a membership organization for digital journalists. Their yearly conference is one of the biggest gatherings of digital minds from across the country. 

In this webinar, we shared 10 things we learned at ONA. Find the full video and a summary below. Want even more digital and social media tips? Click through our Editorial section, and don't miss daily tips from NPR's social media team in the Social Sandbox. 

There's no question that mobile is on top of journalists' and newsrooms' minds. Click through the notes on panels that talked about mobile at ONA here.  Then try this self-audit from Amy Webb's 10 Tech Trends for Journalists talk to learn more about what works on mobile and what doesn't. Pick 5 stories a day and interact with them in different scenarios and on different devices. 

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News Training
12:06 pm
Thu September 18, 2014

Your City Made a Top 10 List. Now What? [VIDEO]

When Dallas' skyline was voted best in the world in a contest, KERA's Eric Aasen wrote an interesting post compiling striking skyline photos and facts about how the skyline came to be.
Credit Flickr/SeanPinto

Do you live in the coolest city in the country? The most expensive? The least expensive? Or somewhere in-between? Rankings, Top 10 lists, surveys, state-by-state data — there's a lot of information out there about where your town stacks up.

In a webinar on Thursday, September 18, we discussed how to cover lists and rankings in a meaningful way. Boise State Public Radio's Emilie Ritter Saunders and KERA's Eric Aasen joined us to explain their own methods for covering these types of stories and shared some of their favorite examples.

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Local Stories Project
4:45 pm
Mon September 8, 2014

Download The Local Stories Project Paper Plane and Share a Photo

The Local Stories Project paper plane flies on to a couch at NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C.
Credit Kasia Podbielski

The Local Stories Project recently launched a public page and Twitter account to share unique, local, stories from 36 stations across the U.S.

To celebrate the launch, we sent a paper airplane to the stations in the project to have a little fun with, and share some behind-the-scenes images from their cities. Now, you can do the same.

Download the PDF of the paper airplane for your own use here.

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News Training
12:31 pm
Mon August 18, 2014

Should Reporters Produce Stories for Radio and Web?

Credit Original image via Flickr/donovanbeeson

The NPR coaching and development team works with NPR and member stations to help newsrooms and journalists reach a growing, multi-platform audience. As part of that work, we’ve found that stations share many of the same questions and concerns with us.

This advice column is one way to help make those questions and answers more public. By making public radio’s collective knowledge accessible, we can continue to learn from each other.

All thoughts, questions and feedback are welcome. Share your feedback via email to tgorman@npr.org.

Submit your own questions for future installments of the advice column in this form.

Kim Perry

NPR Director of Editorial Coaching and Development

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News Training
2:37 pm
Fri August 1, 2014

Tumblr's Best Practices for Building Community and Spreading Stories [VIDEO]

Log-in to Tumblr and who knows what you'll find.
Credit Background image provided by Jolie Ngo, 36x48.tumblr.com

Tumblr has been used by NPR and many stations to do special projects, connect with audiences in new ways, and more. Danielle Strle, Tumblr's director of product for community and content, shared best practices for using Tumblr to build community and share stories. Watch the recording of the discussion below. 

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News Training
4:13 pm
Thu July 24, 2014

How To Engage Your Community Visually With Instagram Callouts

This Instagram callout from NPR and KPCC asked people to tell the story of a place where something happened with the hashtag #PSThisisWhere. It could be personal or monumental. The team received an array of photos and stories by asking the audience to share their photos and stories.
Credit clockwise from top left by Instagrammers @plainviewcrowe,@pmarlin, @kaleykim, @mitzianab

The majority of Americans are now carrying cameras wherever they go - in their smartphones

The NPR Visuals team has engaged with this smartphone-toting, photo-taking, audience by asking them to share photos around various themes, stories and series on social media. Instagram in particular has been a useful platform for these storytelling projects, NPR Visuals assistant producer Emily Bogle said in a recent webinar with us.

Emily shared when to do an Instagram callout, how to plan, carry one out, and many more tips. Watch the recording of the webinar, click through the slides and read through a summary below.

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