12 NPR Member Stations Testing New Online Fundraising Tool

Nov 28, 2012

Twelve NPR member stations are working with NPR Digital Services this month to pilot a new Web-based form tool from KIMBIA, a leading online fundraising platform. 

This month, 12 NPR member station membership teams are working with NPR Digital Services to pilot a new Web-based form tool from KIMBIA, a leading online fundraising platform. 

Similar to Quick Pledge, KIMBIA is a hosted SaaS solution for taking secure PCI-compliant credit card payments on the Web during pledge drives and other membership and marketing opportunities.  KIMBIA's solution also adds additional Web-based forms such as CONTACT US forms for station support staff, contest entry forms and email newsletter sign up forms. KIMBA also offers forms for underwriting teams to qualify new leads on potential sponsorships. It's easy to embed a KIMBIA form within a station Web site page, blog post or even on third party sites like Facebook without extensive Web production team support and resources. 

How the Pilot Will Work

Our participating KIMBIA pilot stations include:  KERA, Rhode Island Public Radio, KPLU, WRTI, KRVS, Cincinnati Public Radio, WFAE, WXPN, WYPR and Wisconsin Public Radio.

The pilot runs from October through the end of January 2013.  During the pilot, stations will test how the KIMBIA forms compare to their existing online donation forms in terms of pledge conversion rate, as well as how easy it is to create, A/B test and track results of KIMBIA form submissions across station Web sites (mobile and desktop) and Facebook.

NPR Digital Services will gather station feedback, form performance and consumer reaction. This data will be used to determine if the KIMBIA tool presents a valuable offering for our member stations.  Pending the outcome of active negotiations with KIMBIA, this may result in a system-wide offering. We will release more information as it relates to your Digital Services fees in Q1 2013. 

Look for an update on our KIMBIA pilot program, as well as an announcement about an upcoming station pilot around our Salesforce CRM platform in early Q1. 

For more information or questions about our membership and marketing products and opportunities contact your Digital Services Station Relations colleague.