5 Tips for Taking Better Images and the Secret to Visual Storytelling [VIDEO]

Jun 8, 2012

What makes a good photo?  What are tips for taking better photos?  How do images work together to tell a story?  This video covers 5 tips for taking better images and the secret to visual storytelling.

5 type of images 

1. Wide - Scene Setter 

2. Medium - Between Wide & Close-Up

3. Close-up - A Detail Shot

4. Portrait - The Subject

5. Action - The Decisive Moment


5 ways to make a good gallery great

1. Use a variety of image types to provide a sense of pacing (wide, medium, detail)

2. Each picture should have a purpose

3. Pictures shouldn't be redundant

4. Kill the puppies: not every images is with keeping

5. Know what story you want to tell, plan accordingly