Ando Media services bring new value to program streams

Dec 9, 2011

NPR member stations will soon have the ability to accurately measure audiences for program streams and have the ability to monetize those streams with digital underwriting credits thanks to a just-signed deal with Ando Media. This master services agreement is designed to bring expertise and best-in-class products and services from third parties to member stations at lower cost.

Better data on stream listeners

Ando's Webcast Metrics product will provide stations with real-time, accurate, meaningful on-demand  data on stream listeners, using traditional radio metrics (CUME & AQH). Webcast Metrics can be used to provide underwriting teams and agencies of all sizes with credible real-time metrics.  At the completion of a campaign, instant proof-of-performance affidavits that include accurate impression statistics can be generated. In addition to facilitating monetization, Webcast Metrics will provide stations with additional insight into their digital audience's behaviors. Digital Services will be including data from Webcast Metrics as part of our overall analytics service.

Underwriting benefits

Ad Injector is Ando's digital underwriting management system that will allow stations to locally manage in-stream credits and monetize them with digital underwriting campaigns. The system will provide stations with a comprehensive ad management backbone, enabling the opportunity to insert, detect and measure Internet underwriting impressions in audio. Because we anticipate Ad Injector will eventually be adopted by a significant number of stations across the system, there is potential for participating stations to derive new revenue from networked underwriting campaigns and regional spot buys.