Announcing V1.5 of the Digital Services Wordpress API plugin.

Oct 29, 2013

The long awaited Version 1.5 of the NPR API Wordpress plugin is now available.  This one took a while to get it out the door, but it should be worth the wait.  We've added some new functionality and fixed a couple of issues we learned about since V1.4 came out.    

V1.5 of this plugin is available under the main/master branch at

The highlights of V1.5 include :

  • Better ordering of images being sent to the NPR Story API
  • Mapping of media credit and agency for media included in stories pulled from the NPR Story API
  • Support for multiple bylines for sites that use the Co-Authors-Plus plugin.
  • Better story date and story order for stories pulled from the NPR Story API
  • Configurable cron interval for pulling from the API
  • Image crops.  That's right, image crops!  We are now pulling the largest possible crop we can find for images in stories pulled from the NPR Story API.
  • Better round-tripping of in-line images that will work better with Core Publisher installs.
  • Meta fields for pulled images.

Check out the release notes in the Github repository for a bit more info on what we did for V1.5

As always, if you have any questions about the plugin feel free to use the mailing list and your fellow WP users may have a solution for you.