Announcing the WordPress NPR API Plugin

Apr 1, 2013

Digital Services is pleased to announce version 1.1 of our WordPress Plugin for connecting your WordPress blog with the NPR Story API. This plugin, developed for WordPress version 3.2, provides both push and pull functionality for the Story API.

When pulling content, individual NPR stories are retrieved directly into WordPress posts while preserving the story meta-data, e.g. author, audio, and images. Additionally, a WordPress administrator can setup automatic, timed API queries to regularly update their blog with new stories. These queries are completely customizable by the administrator. For example, a query can be a simple pull of Top News (api id 1001) or can be a custom query that pulls specific content from NPR or other stations as created by the API Query Generator.

When pushing content, a WordPress editor can push local blog posts to the NPR API for retrieval by other stations and API users. The plugin can be easily configured to use the NPR API staging servers so that developers can test the implementation before going live. As always, users of the plugin wishing to push content must contact NPR Digital Services to have their key correctly provisioned.

The source code for the plugin is available on GitHub under the Main branch. Please see the Release Notes for more detailed configuration instructions and explanations of functionality.

If you don't have an API key yet, please contact NPR Digital Services via our support form. We will help you with API terms of use and key provisioning. Finally, please join the developer mailing list to ask specific technical questions and collaborate with other users of the WordPress API plugin.