Argo launches open source site

Jan 18, 2012

The underbody of Project Argo is now open to everyone.

As the project moves to a new phase after over a year of blogging at 12 member stations, the tools and best practices used by Argo were made available Wednesday on a new open source site.

The site -- -- is home to a collection of tools developed by the Argo team and used by its pilot group of 12 member station pilots. Go there now and you can download any one of the WordPress themes and plugins created by Argo to use for your own topic-based news site or something else. You also have access to best practices, training videos and other guides for building a robust news blog.

Here's the reason behind the open source move, according to the Argo team:

We benefited a lot from the open-source tools and lessons shared by others who've pioneered this type of work. It's only fair that we give back what we've created and learned. Besides, an open-source release was a condition of the grants that funded our work. So direct your thanks to our supporters - theCorporation for Public Broadcastingand the Knight Foundation.

What this means for stations

Moving forward, Digital Services will be supporting Project Argo as part of the overall mission to drive digital initiatives at member stations. 

"While the new site is 'self-serve,' NPR Digital Services will be supporting project Argo going forward and will be working alongside all interested stations to facilitate the use of the Argo resources," states the full NPR announcement. "With time, the features that made the Argo platform distinctive also will be integrated into Digital Services’ Core Publisher platform."