Automatically Publish Mountain Stage Content on Core Publisher

Apr 19, 2014

Mountain Stage on Core Publisher

Using the "retrieve and categorize" tool, Core Publisher stations can customize what content they automatically publish and where that content should go on sites. Recently we improved that tool by allowing stations to push content into programs and tags as well and categories.

If you are interested in getting other stations to publish your content, add your content ids and org ids on the Q&A Cafe.

Chad Matlick from West Virginia Public Broadcasting has written up instructions on how to get Mountain Stage content, an NPR distributed program, onto your site. These same instructions work for most NPR and station content. Chad tells us that West Virginia Public Broadcasting is fine with stations publishing this content even if they don't carry the program terrestrially. You can expect new video and audio content as well as excellent content from the archives. Thanks Chad!


Thanks to the retrieve and categorize API tool, you can easily add Mountain Stage content to your website by following these easy steps.

Create a Program Page

If you don't already have one, create a new program (<YOURSITENAME>/node/add/program) for Mountain Stage with Larry Groce. You can use our Mountain Stage Program Page as a template. Be sure to the check the program air time for your station.

Auto Publish Stories

Using the 'retrieve and categorize' tool (<YOURSITENAME>/admin/content/table-queue/apiCategoryQueryQueue),  enter the API ID 289476162, Org ID 682, and the Program Page name to automatically import Mountain Stage content to your site (see screenshot below).

Find this tool at: /admin/content/table-queue/apiCategoryQueryQueue

If you can't find this tool, submit a ticket to NPR DS and request this feature for your site.

Where will these Stories show up?

The Mountain Stage stories will automatically publish on the program page you defined. They will not publish to the river-style homepage unless you go into the stories and click the "Show up on my homepage" radio button. They are, however, preset to publish under "NPR Stories" on the modular homepage.