Battleground Update: The Latest on Our Election Night Live-Blog Experiment

Nov 2, 2012

Have you heard about Battleground? We'll be aggregating reporting on important races and initiatives from NPR Member Stations, and making it available in an experimental live-blog on election night. Click here for more details.

Credit NPR

Now... here's the latest on Battleground from the Newsroom at NPR in Boston:

First of all, please note that 1) Teresa is not faking that phone call, and 2) Eric is happy to be here.

We're prepping a number of the technical elements today: testing the i-frame that we'll make available to stations that want to host the blog, as well as the API story ID that will let stations access the content directly. The target is Monday for those items.

We're also finalizing the look and feel of the blog - the logo, the layout and structure, and the way in which we'll recognize member stations for each piece of reporting we use on the live-blog. There's other stuff, too, like sample promo copy, that we're polishing. Our own Will Snyder is leading this project.

In addition to the eleven stations contributing content for this experiment (WLRN, WUSF, WFSU, KPLU, NHPR, WBUR, WOSU, St. Louis Public Radio, Michigan Radio, WAMU and KUNC), we'll also rely on reporting from KERA, KCUR, Vermont Public Radio, WFPL News, Boise State Public Radio and other stations across the country. These stations will offer the blog on their sites, so you can check them out on election night.

As Kim noted in the first post, we have a lot of questions we want to answer with this experiment, including whether the content feels relevant, the value we can add to it, whether it feels coherent and is useful. We hope you'll keep an eye on it and give us your feedback.

If you have questions, contact me at