Better station branding on NPR One and

Mar 13, 2017

Over the last few months, one of the priorities of the NPR Digital team has been to present station brands more consistently. For stations within networks, this meant updates to StationConnect designed to streamline workflow and make updates easily. 

Tomorrow, we'll take this a step farther. In an effort to present the best possible station brand data, we've updated to use larger logo format, currently managed in StationConnect.

Why this change?

We haven’t updated our default station logo format in close to 10 years, despite vast changes in online image practices. In that time, desktop screens have become larger and larger, while mobile screens went from non-existent to ubiquitous, and from pixelated to high-density.

Our old ‘small logo’ format restricted your station to only small presentations, because we could not scale your logo up without making it look bad. 

In the new, more modern format, we can present station branding prominently on large monitors and mobile devices alike. 

An example of the new station search experience on

As part of this, we’re implementing the same under-the-hood technology for station brand presentation that lets us group stations within your network that share branding. To take advantage of that data, we’ve also refreshed the station search experience on to better support our users. These users visit this page to:

  1. Tune a radio to a station that broadcasts in their location.
  2. Listen to a station’s live stream.
  3. Save a station to experience local content across NPR platforms.
  4. Donate to a station.

Your station or network will look its best when you:

  1. Upload current logos at both sizes.
  2. Designate a primary stream.
  3. Enter a donation form URL.

More help: