Boston Data Center Shutdown - Check Your Internal DNS Settings

Nov 7, 2017

Per previous announcements, the Boston data center was scheduled to close this September, and all stations were asked to make updates to their Core Publisher DNS settings to point to our new servers.

We began the process of taking the Boston data center offline Monday morning between 10:00am - 12:30pm ET.

During this time, we found that some stations lost local access to their Core Publisher sites at the station due to DNS settings hard-coded directly into their office computer networks.

We have temporarily restored the Boston data center servers for those stations needing to make adjustments to their internal network settings to avoid further issues.

However, updates will need to be made before the Boston servers are taken offline permanently this Wednesday, November 8th.

What does this mean?

While the required DNS updates were completed to allow sites to remain visible to the public, some internal station networks had additional settings on them that caused computers inside the station to continue to load Core Publisher sites through our old servers. For those stations, Core Publisher sites became inaccessible within station office networks yesterday.

Only staff inside the station networks were affected. Regular users outside the station offices were still able to access sites normally.

How do I know if I was affected?

The Boston data center was offline today from approximately 10:00am - 12:30pm Eastern Time Monday (11/6). If you were unable to access your Core Publisher site from computers within your office internet network during that time, you were affected. You need to connect with your IT staff to double check your internal network settings.

My station was impacted, what should I do?

Contact your local IT department and request that they make local network changes to point the DNS for your Core Publisher site to our data center's new IP address:

They may also need to flush the DNS as well.

I don't think I was affected. Do I need to do anything?

No. If staff in your offices were able to access Core Publisher between 10:00am and Noon Eastern Time on Monday, you are likely all set.

Should you have trouble accessing Core Publisher on Wednesday, try loading the site on a mobile device using a mobile network instead of your office network (i.e. with WiFi turned off). If the site loads outside of your office network, but not internally, ask your IT department to check your internal network settings.

Please contact us with any questions.