Category block now available in Core Publisher

Nov 16, 2015

We’re excited to announce the arrival of responsive Category Blocks for all Core Publisher sites!

This homepage block will allow stations to create blocks of content on their homepage to display NPR News and locally produced content based on two main filters.

  1. Block Content - this option allows you to choose if your Category Block displays Local Stories, NPR Stories, or Both Local and NPR Stories.
  2. Filter By Category - this option helps you choose the specific Category to filter your stories by. Or, you can leave the default of No Filter and all stories, no matter the Category, will display in your Category Block.

We've also built in a number of display options for this block so you can control how it appears on your site. 

  1. Number of stories to display - this option will dictate how many stories should appear in this block. The options are currently 1 through 5. 
  2. "More News" Button - you can now choose the text you'd like to use for the "more" button. When your users click this button they'll be taken to your  existing category page to read more content within that category.
  3. Make Block Title a link - we're introducing a new feature that let's you apply a URL to the block title, making it clickable to users. Now stations will have a field for adding the URL instead of needing to add an href-attribute to the block title itself. This is entirely optional and the block will still behave as expected if you choose not to add a URL in this field. You'll find this new field near the top of the page, right under the Block Title field.

This block helps stations display local stories, NPR stories, or both, based on station-defined categories from inner aggregation pages of the site onto the homepage.  We've also built in a number of display options for this block so you can control how it appears on your site. These blocks replace the NPR News and category blocks from past themes, but are even more robust! It has been a top requested feature and we are very happy to delivery the Category Block to the station community!

Click here for step by step instructions on how to use the new Category Block.

Next for blocks, we'll be expanding on Category Block capabilities so that stations will be able to build blocks based on other post attributes. Additionally, we'll purse the HTML Block which will add even more flexibility to station homepages. As work on these block features progress we'll continue to consult with stations for feedback and prioritization.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. We hope you enjoy the new Category Block!