Coming Soon: Weekly Training Webinars

Feb 7, 2012

All of our training session are developed around modules that last anywhere from 2-5 weeks -- typically one hour a week. You can attend modules that fit your schedule and skill set. However, we highly encourage you to take an entire module, since each week’s lesson builds on the previous week. Think of each module as a planned curriculum that develops over time. Each module is comprehensive and can be paired with any other module. These sessions are open to anyone. Modules are limited to 30 attendees per session.

Fees:  Included in your Digital Services fees.

If you're interested in participating in a training module or want more information about the training, please contact: Digital Services Editorial Training: Kim Perry, or 202-513-2424

Module: Digital Literacy & Strategy – three weeks*
This module will set the foundation for talking about digital initiatives, strategies and success. We’ll discuss metrics, online user behavior and web sensibilities. The goal of this module is to help stations’ staff become more familiar with the digital landscape. We’ll do that by sharing both station and successes, failures and secrets.
Who should attend: Any digital stakeholder, such as digital staff, radio reporters, programming, development and management.This session is essential for attending any of our other trainings.
Sign up by emailing Kim Perry at *Please note the date change. We've moved the first module back one week to allow more time for stations to sign up.

Week 1: Feb. 29, 1-2 p.m. ET* 
Metrics & User Behavior: The story in the numbers
We’ll talk about what metrics NPR tracks, trends and surprises we’ve found, and what we do with those numbers. Plus, you'll learn about what our research tells us about user behavior. This session briefly covers basic web metrics, so it’s a good primer but then moves on to how we interpret those numbers.

Week 2: March 7, 1-2 p.m. ET* 
Building Audience: Digital successes in public media
We’ll examine digital initiatives that have shown success in building and engaging online audiences. We’ll look at the NPR and stations’ research and strategy behind the initiatives, how they defined success and what lessons they learned. Then we’ll give some tips on how to make calculated experiments when you have limited resources.

Week 3: March 14, 1-2 p.m. ET* 
7 Steps to Optimizing User Experience
Steve Mulder, Digital Service’s director for user experience, will discuss how to balance user needs with business priorities on your web site. He’ll talk about findability vs. discoverablity and how to best achieve station goals online. 

Next module: Web writing – three weeks
We’ll talk about how to write better stories for the web and demonstrate quick and easy ways to translate radio content into web copy. This section will also cover basic search engine optimization practices, good headlines writing, and breaking news coverage.

*We will repeat individual sessions if there's enough interest.