Composer 2 Now Available

Apr 19, 2013

We are very excited to share that Composer 2 is now available to stations!

New and Improved Features in Composer 2

  • Easier Playlist Entry – Enter your song with our iTunes generated database in seconds. Local artist or song not in iTunes? No problem, you can manually add the song to your playlist in seconds, or you can use our CSV upload feature to add multiple songs.
  •  Responsive Design – You no longer have to contact Digital Services Support to edit your Composer wrapper.  Our responsive designed widgets allow you to add your schedules and playlists onto your page.  You control the CSS around the widgets.   The new design is clean, fresh, and works well with many CMSs including Core Publisher.
  • Flexible Program Entry – Program guide creators now have more flexibility and control over their program schedule. The new program creation tool allows you to enter program segments that are less than 30 minutes long, enter multiple episodes for each program, and easily choose your date, time, and meta data with a few clicks.
  • API Integration – API, or Application Programming Interface, is a way to get information into and pass information out of Composer to trusted partners. With API integration you can ingest and retrieve your schedule data without ever using the admin interface.  This is great for stations with additional technical resources that can build apps, create completely customize presentation layers, or want to automatically send schedule & playlist data from a dedicated source into the API.
  • Improved Soundexchange Reporting  - You no longer have to manually enter the start, end time, or duration for each song.  Using our new song entry, calculations are done for you based on your program start time and the duration meta data provided by iTunes.  This also means you will no longer have overlap errors in your playlists. However, you do have the option to edit any of these fields, as needed.


Watch the Introductory Webinar: