Composer 2 Release Notes 10/10/14

Oct 10, 2014

Composer 2 Update

Dear Stations,

Over the last two weeks, we have applied a number of updates to Composer 2, below is a detailed list of issues that have been addressed:


  • Change in airtime management: Giving an airtime an end date in the past will now remove all episodes between the end date and the current date.  Previously, giving an airtime an end date in the past would stop adding episodes from the current date forward.
  • Stations were seeing non-priority episodes in the episodes page.  This was causing confusion because you could potentially see two episodes listed for the same time slot.  Now only the priority episodes will show in the episodes page (the episodes that are “on top” on the calendar).

Defects Fixed

  • Stations reported an issue where airtimes that had just been given an end date were disappearing when trying to add a new airtime prior to saving the page. This issue has been fixed.
  • Pubmusic Pubjazz playlists were not being syndicated to C2 episodes.  This issue has been fixed.
  • Some stations were reporting that their calendar content was shifted over by one day, leaving Monday blank. This issue has been fixed.
  • Some stations were reporting that they were receiving timeout errors when trying to load their calendar page. This was an issue with the conflict detection on the calendar page -- if there were many episodes with conflicts, the system was taking a long time to load the page. This process has been optimized, and stations with large numbers of conflicts should not see any impact on load time.


Please continue to submit tickets about any questions or issues you have with Composer 2. Please allow 2 business days for us to respond to and address your questions. If urgent, please call us during business hours.

Thank you,

Stephanie Miller

Director of Station Relations and Communications

NPR Digital Services