Composer 2 Release Notes 6/10/14

Jun 10, 2014

Composer 2 Update

Dear Stations,

Over the last two weeks, we have applied a number of updates to Composer 2, below is a detailed list of issues that have been addressed:

  • Bugs FIXED
    • Jazzworks timezone issues and duplicate songs - Some stations were reporting an issue where reporting that Jazzworks playlists were were displaying with the incorrect timezone. There were also reports of duplicate songs within the playlists.  This issue has been fixed.   
    • Now Playing - Stations were reporting that when the on-air program ended at midnight, the up next would not display the correct program and incorrect time.  This issue has been fixed.  
    • Ability to create users with two dots in email address - It was reported that when creating users, if the email address contained two dots, it would not allow the user to be created. Example: if you wanted to create a user with an email address of, it would not allow it. This has been fixed.
    • Syndicated Playlists auto-publishing - stations were reporting that syndicated playlists were not publishing in their programs. This has been fixed.
    • General Import not importing first song - stations were reporting that the general importer would not import the first song of their playlist if it played at the start of the episode. This has been resolved and the first song of imports are importing correctly.
  • Feature Updated
    • Updated import instructions - We have added new instructions about tab delimited files on the general and episode importers.


Please continue to submit tickets about any questions or issues you have with Composer 2. Please allow 2 business days for us to respond to and address your questions. If urgent, please call us during business hours.

Thank you,

Stephanie Miller

Director of Station Relations and Communications

NPR Digital Services