Composer 2 Rollout Underway

Oct 2, 2013

Composer 2, our entirely new program schedule and playlist product is already live with over sixty stations.  And station feedback from the launches so far has been tremendously helpful as we complete development and get all of our Composer Pro stations up and running.

We are planning the timing of remaining feature development so that it aligns with our station on-boarding schedule. We have grouped stations into cohorts around the most important and available features for each group. This allowed us to get the tool into the hands of early adopters and stations with basic needs first. For example, our first batch targeted news format stations. We have expanded the pool of stations to include those that are news/music mix as we plan the release of syndicated playlists. Last up will be a cohort that emphasizes classical programming, as these needs are the most sophisticated. You have helped us understand these needs and their importance and we’re confident we’ll be able to launch with classical stations by December.

This process of timing our features with rollout not only allows us to move quickly, but also provides essential feedback to us on what we’re doing right and what needs more work. That way, features and defects can be prioritized around your needs as we proceed. For example, we have recently shifted rollout schedules to permit the availability of our playlist syndication feature, which is in active development and due for release in October. Additionally, we are excited to tackle defects you’ve helped us identify and prioritize, such as duplicate schedule entries, weekly schedule formatting issues in Core Publisher, and cleaning up our import/export capability.

 While moving quickly and releasing “just in time” works in the long haul, we understand that it requires some patience in the short run, and for this we are grateful. If you’ve followed our progress over the past several weeks, you’ve undoubtedly seen us tackle many issues, such as providing a user management admin, addressing system performance issues, providing a new episode-only widget, and adding new playlist entry fields for classical music.