Composer 2: Schedule & Playlist Widgets

May 28, 2013

Last month, we announced that Composer 2 was ready to start rolling out to stations and included some videos that show how Composer 2 works for station managers and hosts. In this post, we'll show you how to install widgets on your website that can display the schedules and playlists you enter in Composer 2 for listeners that visit your site.

The "widgets" section of Composer 2 creates live previews of the widgets we offer, along with some basic customization options and embed code.

We offer 5 different widgets:

  • Now Playing - Displays the current program, upcoming program, and the currently playing song (if available).
  • Daily Schedule - Displays today's schedule, with playlists for music programs.
  • Weekly Schedule - Displays this week's schedule. 
  • Song List - Displays a list of the most recently played songs, optionally with a keyword search. It can be filtered by program.
  • Song Grid - Displays album art for the 9 most recently played songs. It can also be filtered to a specific program.

We also support multiple ways to add the widgets to your website:

  • iFrames - The easiest way to add widgets to your site. Just copy and paste the code from Composer 2 to your website.
  • Javascript - If you want to customize the CSS, you can install the widgets directly on your site using javascript. This takes a bit more technical expertise, and requires jQuery 1.7 or higher. Talk to your Station Relations Rep if you're interested in trying this.
  • API - All of our widgets are powered by Composer 2's API. Stations comfortable dealing with JSON can request an API key from Station Relations. This is the option for stations that want to build their own widgets powered by Composer 2's data.

Watch this video for a more detailed look at our widgets and how to install them.