Composer 2 Update: Playlist & Programming Bug Fixes & Changed Title

Nov 24, 2014

Over the last two weeks, we have applied a couple of updates and bug fixes to Composer 2. Below is a list of updates and issues that have been addressed:


  • Changed the title of “Car Talk” to “The Best of Car Talk” in all Composer 2 lists.

Defects Fixed

  • Some stations were reporting missing Classical 24 playlists. This issue has been resolved.

  • Some stations were reporting a bug where Monday programming was missing from their calendars, and all other programming was pushed over a day (Tuesday’s schedule displaying on Wendesday, Wednesday’s on Thursday, and so on). This issue has been fixed.


Please continue to submit tickets about any questions or issues you have with Composer 2. Please allow 2 business days for us to respond to and address your questions. If urgent, please call us during business hours

Thank you,

Molly Holder

Sr. Product Owner

NPR Digital Services