Congratulations #NPRKnight Summer Contest Winners

Aug 1, 2013

You deserve a high five after that competitive #NPRKnight contest.
Credit JohnWiechecki/Flickr Creative Commons

It was a tough contest, but someone had to reign supreme. Congratulations to the #NPRKnight Twitter contest winners, honorable mentions and to everyone for making it through 11 weeks of training!

(Read more about the contest:  "How the #NPRKnight Contest Works.")

Without further ado, our winners:


Gold Star Award: Gretchen Frazee, WFIU/WTIU

Frazee's tweets are a useful resource for anyone in Bloomington, Ind. In addition to the contest tasks, Frazee shared live updates from the scene of a fire, a plane crash and hearings on statewide testing (not all at the same time). Her updates aren't a one-way feed though. Frazee often answers questions and looks for sources there, too. 

Honorable Mention: Emilie Ritter Saunders, Boise Public Radio. In addition to being the rallying force leading to (spoiler alert) Boise's win of the station award, Saunders' conversational tweets share a behind-the-scenes look at life as a journalist covering everything from wildfires to royal babies.


Newcomer Award: Samantha Wright, Boise Public Radio

Wright fulfilled all of the contest tasks and more, after joining Twitter in May. Check out her feed for what's coming up on air, interesting local stories, and even a few cute animal photos .

Honorable Mention: Cecilia Mason, West Virginia Public Broadcasting. Mason joined Twitter during training and jumped right in with links to local stories, photos and more. It is also worth checking out her newcomer cheerleading team in West Virginia's newsroom, including Dave Mistich and Beth Vorhees.

Wildcard Award: Tucker Ives, Connecticut Public Radio

Ives used the tool Storify to pull together the lively conversation around the question "What were you doing in 1996?"  This is just one example of how Where We Live has used Twitter to have conversations online during a live radio show. Time to give "Twitter god" (hey, WNPR said it, not me), Ives a follow.  

Honorable mention: Doug Jaggers, WFYI. While taking part in the contest, Jaggers also started a Tumblr for the staff at WFYI to practice web-writing, and shared some great photos along the way.


Station Award: Boise Public Radio

It was a fierce competition for the station award this round, but Boise Public Radio's all-around participation and willingness to go for it in the contest set them apart. Following the Boise Public Radio staff on Twitter will give you a better insight into news in Idaho and a real sense of Boise life. 

Honorable mention: Connecticut Public Radio. The tweeters at Connecticut had a lot of fun with the contest, and also are experimenting with ways to connect radio shows with social media. Don't miss tweets from @scuttlebuttt, @heddafeddah, and more.

Congratulations again to the winners. They join a roster of other great public radio tweeters. Want more to follow? Check out the Spring 2013 winners, too.