Connecting to Your Community With Google+

Nov 8, 2011

Thanks for Nathan from KUT News in Austin, TX for the enthusiastic heads-up on this!

Google recently introduced the ability for businesses and brands to create Google+ (Google Plus) pages, and we suggest that all stations take advantage of this opportunity to connect with users and promote content. This is a great new tool that can prove to be very powerful in gathering and interacting with your listeners and community.

With a Google+ business page, you can strengthen your online presence is a measurable way. Google has provided some great visual tools for measuring how people use your page to interact with your content and homepage.

As an example, KUT created their Google+ page yesterday and got more than 3000 followers overnight! They are now able to add links to their Core Publisher posts to their Google+ stream, which will lead to more traffic on their Core Publisher site. Imagine having thousands of followers who can read and share your content with their networks – it’s like a key to open the door to larger online communities!

For more information, check out the Google+ Your Business page;We look forward to seeing your pages and hearing your success stories.