Core Publisher Lite Available for NPR One

Nov 10, 2014

All who wish to participate in NPR One are encouraged to produce local segmented audio stories.  One way to upload these stories into the app is by using a simpler version of Core Publisher, called CP Lite.  By using CP Lite, your station does not have to invest in technical resources to connect to the NPR Story API. 

With CP Lite stations will only have access to the back end of the Drupal based CMS.  CP Lite does not have a live forward facing website to share with your visitors like a full version Core Publisher site. CP Lite is solely used to easily send your content to the API and flag it for NPR One inclusion.  To upload your local segmented audio, follow the steps below.

Segmented Audio (via CorePublisher Lite)

Stations that have CorePublisher Lite (CP Lite) sites will be able to submit segmented audio files for inclusion in NPR One by flagging the audio on the post creation page using the 'Send this to NPRONE' flag.


·       If story contains multiple audio files, the primary (first) will be pulled into NPR One only

1.    Login:

2.   Click "Add Content" in the grey tool bar at the top of the page

3.   Select “Post”

4.   Add your content:

The following fields are required to be completed for NPR One inclusion:

a.    Headline

b.    Category - Select the “NPR One” category from the drop down menu

c.    Body text – Enter short description of your audio

d.    Audio - Click the audio icon in the WYSIWYG editor to upload your audio. Skip the audio description by clicking “Save”

5.   Scroll down to the "Story Settings" section and find the "Sharing Settings" tab

6.   You’ll see a “Push to NPR” section, by default the “Push To NPR” radio button is selected. *Note: This is required for NPR One inclusion.

7.   Locate the "Send to NPR One" send and select "Send This to NPR One"

8.   Click “Publish”

To view your segmented audio posts, click “Content” in the tool bar. On this screen you will also see an “Edit” option, if you need to make changes to your post; as well as a “delete” option if you need to remove the post entirely from CP Lite.


If you would like to get started with CP Lite, please contact the NPR One support team by emailing