Core Publisher Mobile Websites Are Now Available

Aug 30, 2012

We are excited to share with you that we are rolling out mobile websites for all Core Publisher sites. Over the next few weeks we will be reaching out to you individually as your mobile site is ready.

The significant growth in traffic to all Core Publisher sites from mobile devices over the last year has influenced us to develop a mobile web theme within the Core Publisher platform. Previously, we shared our findings and the work we started as a response to this trend. (Read why mobile web matters)

What your Core Publisher mobile website will include?

  • A prominent, persistent player for live streams (including multiple streams)
  • Full story optimized for small screens
  • Latest local headlines
  • An inline audio player within stories
  • Story sharing options
  • Underwriting banner
  • A link to your full site
  • A link to your donate forms

What is the launch process and when will my site go live?

We will do all of the set up and configuration work for you, which typically takes 2 weeks or less. We are working through a list of all sites and expect to launch up to ten new mobile web sites each week. You will receive an update from us when the mobile version of your site is live. 

  • If NPR DS controls your DNS, we will turn on an auto redirect so when someone visits your site via a smart phone, it will automatically take a user tom.stationurl.  
  • If NPR Digital Services does not control your DNS, we will reach out for your support to point you m.stationurl to your Core Publisher site as the configuration is underway.

What should I know about mobile websites in Core Publisher?

  • You can manage your "mobile footer" from within Core Publisher (it's a table queue).
  • One 320x50 mobile banner ad is available. You must set it up through your DFP account and ad configuration in Core Publisher. At this time there is no remnant inventory provided for this ad block through NPM. You can consider using a station promotional banner in this space until remnant banners are available or not at all.
  • You can choose to have local AND NPR stories in your mobile river. Please submit a ticket to request this change by visiting
  • We have mirrored design elements from your Core Publisher website for your mobile site to keep your branding consistent.
  • Any Core Publisher site that has the flexi footer activated, also receives a new link in the footer of your desktop site that reads "View on Mobile" and directs users to m.stationurl.

How do you decide when to show the mobile version of my site? 

Currently we deliver the mobile version of your site when we detect the visitor's browser is 600 pixels wide or less. This accommodates the vast majority of smart phones. In the next few weeks we will be moving that width to 720 pixels wide to accommodate the new breed of larger smart phones. 

How about tablets? 

Most people using tablets, including iPads, will see your desktop site. The version of your site that we show is determined by the width of the browser. We continue to analyze the behavior of tablet users to learn how we can best optimize your site for larger mobile devices. 

What happens when my stream stops playing when I go to a new site on my mobile browser? 

Some features, such as audio handling, are entirely dependent on a phone's operating system, and not on our mobile theme. Background audio (continuous listening while visiting other applications or sites) is currently functional on iPhones running iOS 5+, but may not work on other platforms. We continue to monitor this issue and will develop solutions for audio handling on Android as they become available. 

View some examples of live sites below:

If you have any questions, please contact your Station Relations Manager at