Core Publisher: No Sprint Review Today, API Tools, Defects Addressed

Jan 30, 2013

We will not be holding our bi-weekly sprint review webinar this afternoon. All fixes and features will be going live via hotfixes over the next few days. In addition, some of the work covered in this sprint does not require a code change.

Defects Addressed:

  • A non-working player was showing up in the local news block; not any longer.
  • When using auto-complete in the byline field, extraneous letters were showing up on the post page; no longer.
  • Quotes in image captions on the post page were breaking captions; no longer.


Audio Work

The Core Pub team has been attacking the "failed audio" bug, where a player appears on the story page, but it does not play. We are working now to ensure all audio gets to the server properly and that we inform content producers about whether or not audio gets to the CDN servers. This fix requires an enormous amount of testing and will be rolled out to stations over time to ensure it works properly with all site configurations.


Sharing station content using the API

Interested in other stations publishing your content? Learn how to browse station content in Core Pub. Share your orgid at the Q&A Cafe so other stations can easily find and publish your content.