Core Publisher: No Sprint Review Today, Regression Test Updates and Defects Addressed

Dec 19, 2012

We will not be holding our bi-weekly sprint review webinar this afternoon. All fixes and features will be going live via hotfixes over the next few days. In addition, some of the work covered in this sprint does not require a code change.

Regression Tests

Over the last several weeks, the Core Publisher team has put the bulk of its time into increasing the number of regression tests we execute. These tests run in the background all the time, and are meant to alert us to any unexpected changes to existing functionality when updates and enhancements are added to Core Publisher. All code updates are run through comprehensive regression tests before they are made live. This sprint the team focused on primary images, by writing tests to ensure primary images are displaying properly everywhere they might show up such as post pages, river home pages, and in the post form's edit view.


Work completed to ensure the new Tag Management System (Cardinal Path tracking system) allows us to track events. This also solved a problem where sites' top posts weren't displaying in analytics dashboard within the Core Publisher admin and "most active" stories block that some stations are using on their right rail.

Twitter Cards

We will be supporting Twitter Summary cards very soon. When users share posts on Twitter, a summary, image, and social data will display in the expand view. More on this later . . . In the meantime, if you or your content producers are active on Twitter, make sure you have added your Twitter handles to your "person" pages.

More information on Twitter cards.

Defect Addressed

On post pages for stations using “Look 1” where the social sharing links display to the left of the main post content, placed images were showing up below the social links, leaving empty space on the page.