Core Publisher Release Notes 9/12/14

Sep 12, 2014

Core Publisher Update

Dear Stations, 

Quick update on the team's focus and information about a few changes we pushed last week.

Responsive Design:

  • The team is now building homepage management tools and newly designed homepage blocks. We will be holding a webinar at the end of September to show you work completed. 

Player Changes:

  • Standarized the inline audio player across all themes. This morning changed the copy to "Listen" based on station feedback. 


  • Podcast logos, title, and description overrides now work again for categories as they do for programs and topics.
  • Ampersands in captions will no longer display as HTML.
  • Stories with "copyright only" will not be featured homepage blocks.


Erin Teare Martin (@eteare)

Sr. Product Manager, NPR Digital Services


Core Publisher Info

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