Core Publisher Responsive Design January 2015 Update

Feb 2, 2015

Thank you to all of the stations that were able to join us for the Responsive theme update for Core Publisher webinar. 

In this webinar we discussed:

  • What we have learned from the initial stations using the theme
  • Review current features available
  • Reminder of what features are not available yet or have been retired in this theme, and why
  • What to expect when switching to the responsive theme
  • Review the planned road map for Core Publisher
  • Overview of the migration experience for your station

Missed it, or want to see it again?

You can review the slides here.

Want to see some examples of live site? 24 sites and counting...

  1. Aspen Public Radio 
  2. Boise State Public Radio
  3. VPR
  4. HPPR
  5. KACU Public Radio
  6. KBIA
  7. KPLU
  8. KUER
  9. KUOW
  10. KWIT
  11. Michigan Radio
  12. State of Opportunity - Michigan Radio
  13. Nashville  Public Radio
  14. MPBN
  15. KUER Radio West
  16. UPR
  17. WAER
  18. WEMU
  19. WGCU
  20. WRVO
  21. WUKY
  22. Wyoming Public Media
  23. WYSO
  24. WYPR

Recent Webinar - Responsive Demo - Oct 2014

If you missed last October's responsive theme switch webinar, you can view the webinar and see the slides on

Thank you,

Janeen Williamson and Adam Kiryk