Core Publisher’s Improved Integration with the Story API

Jan 8, 2019

Since the introduction of the Story API launched in Core Publisher in 2011, stations have not been able to render layout content from NPR stories on their website. This means that, when publishing a national story in Core Publisher, images would appear misplaced in a slideshow instead of in the body of a story. In addition, Tweets and other embeds would not appear.

In our efforts to improve the content distribution process, API stories published on Core Publisher sites will mirror the same layout from

This means:

  • Images and Youtube videos will appear inline in the story rather than appearing at the top of the story
  • Tweets and Pull Quotes will now appear in stories when present in NPR stories
  • HTML and other embeds, where applicable, will appear in CP stories

Note: These updates will only apply to Core Publisher sites. Stories syndicated from non-Core Publisher sites (e.g., Wordpress & Drupal plugins or DIY API connections) will continue to not display the full layout.

While we’ve made vast improvements to images, not all layout or media types will render on Core Publisher sites. For example, certain NPR live streams, NPR Music content, or NPR book images will not render on Core Publisher. However, in the next iteration of station websites, we plan to be able to better support these features.

With these changes, we expect that stories syndicated from NPR will be more visually appealing, ultimately creating a more engaging experience for users.

We are excited about this change, as the first step towards a unified platform whereby stations and NPR are using a shared set of content creation and website tools.

Next year, we will be introducing a station version of the NPR Content Management System (CMS), whereby stations will be able to publish content into the Story API with the same features and ease as the NPR newsroom.

For more details on the Story API updates for Core Publisher sites, you can listen to this webinar recording.