Core Publisher Update: Defects Addressed

Nov 21, 2012

There will not be a code push this evening to update Core Publisher, and no sprint review webinar this afternoon.  Instead, we have pushed a handful of hotfixes over the past two weeks to address outstanding issues:

Post Form – Defects Fixed

  • Tags were easily duplicated and sometimes impossible to delete.
  • Sometimes we weren't sending the audio cdn urls to the API, resulting in broken podcasts.
  • Facebook wasn't picking up a primary image on posts and topics.
  • Related posts were sometimes pulling the wrong image.
  • In IE9 Save/Preview/Publish buttons were not scrolling on the post form.
  • MP3s were pulling a broken image when viewed through the asset library.

Mobile Update – Work Done

Work has been done to update the code for mobile sites, but these changes have not been made live. They will be pushed during the next code update after the Thanksgiving holiday:

  • JPlayer (used for streaming on mobile) upgrade, which fixes the pre-roll issues some stations we having, preventing the stream from playing after the pre-roll ran.
  • Fixed issue with images popping up in lightbox.
  • Stopped NPR story stubs (posts with no text or audio) from showing up in mobile river.
  • Fixed images not displaying in post pages.
  • Fixed home icon alignment issue.

Non-Core Publisher Mobile Work Done

  • Work was also done to address a "redirect to story" issue within non-Core Publisher mobile product.
  • Non-CP Mobile now has an admin page.
  • We have now built a way to ingest to the NPR API via RSS and created a tool for manual update of ingested stories in case of breaking news.