Core Publisher Updates: Analytics Dashboard, Continued Mobile Roll Out and More

Sep 18, 2012

Now that the political conventions are behind us (and, sadly, summer) we're back to making updates to Core Publisher. Several of those updates went live last night. Because of the delays with the conventions, the code push was a big one, encompassing four weeks of work. But new features were worth the wait. This wave of updates includes:

  • The continued roll out of Mobile Core Publisher sites
  • An easy way to view key site analytics when you log in to your Core Publisher site
  • Expansive Digital News Training on Election coverage

Mobile Roll Out
We're continuing to roll out mobile versions of every Core Publisher site. Recent additions include WDIY (, KETR ( and NHPR ( you can check out their new sites via your mobile device. We have more information on the mobile version of Core Publisher on NPR Digital Services Blog:

Analytics Dashboard
We want to make it easier for you to keep your audience's pulse any time you're in Core Publisher. To do that we're launching a dashboard view of key analytics data. It will appear at the top of all admin screens when you are managing content within Core Publisher.

Using data from Google Analytics and Chartbeat, here's what's included in the dashboard:

  • The number of visitors on your site right now
  • The top 10 posts over the past 24 hours
  • The top 10 traffic sources over the past 24 hours

The dashboard will also include links to Chartbeat, Google Analytics and Triton for easy access to dig deeper into the statistics for your site.

Why are we making stats visible to everyone who logs in?

We strongly believe having data about your site at the ready will positively impact your editorial decisions. And we want to streamline everyone’s ability to engage with analytics.  As you make decisions about what content to feature on your site, take a look at your data and consider the following questions:

  • What type of content are your users are regularly engaged with?
  • Which stories popping?
  • Where your users are coming from?
  • Is your audience growing?
  • Roll Out Plan

More on how to use these metrics here:

Enabling the new analytics dashboard requires some manual configuration to ensure it is pulling the correct data for your site. We will be turning the new feature on for approximately 10 stations at a time. We’ll alert you once your dashboard is up and running.

Analytics – Testing of Scrolling on Homepages
Our analytics team is testing an assumption that readers scroll down “River of News” homepages to read additional content and headlines.Over two weeks we will be testing 5% of traffic to all Core Publisher sites to see how far the average user scrolls down the site.  We’ll share the final data once it’s available.

Digital News Training – Covering the Elections
The NPR Digital Services Editorial team is conducting a webinar series on covering the election:

For ideas and tips on making your coverage online and on social media a success, join the editorial training team and special guests from stations and NPR’s elections team for a series of webinars from September 27 - October 18.

More details and registration links are available on the NPR Digital Services Editorial Blog:

Defects Resolved

  • Search Playlist - custom date range that wasn't working before, now fixed
  • Comment counts are now updating properly on posts
  • Missing descriptions in RSS feeds have been fixed

August Updates
As a reminder, these enhancements were made to Core Publisher in August:

  • Remove Right Rail from Pages – You may now remove the right rail from appearing on specific pages.  When creating a page, un-check the “display this page as full width” box just above the save button.
  • Audio Now Validating on Upload – Core Publisher will now alert you if the audio file you’ve uploaded does not meet Core Publisher’s specifications when you upload it.  Previously the validation did not happen until a post was published.
  • Character Countdown on Web Clips - When creating a webclip, we now display a character count-down so that you'll know how many characters you have remaining in the description.