Core Publisher Updates: API Permission Controls, Admin Enhancements and More

Sep 28, 2012

This week we pushed several updates to Core Publisher, including:

  • Permission controls for local content added to the NPR API
  • Core Publisher Admin Improvements
  • Updated quality control processes

Full details below.

NPR Story API Permission Controls

We’ve built an interface that allows you to control what permissions are assigned to the content you ingest to the NPR Story API when you publish content in Core Publisher. Full details are available on the NPR Digital Service Blog:

By default, the content you publish will be available to any users of the NPR API, which could be anyone who has an API key. If necessary you will now be able to change the default setting for access to your content to be limited to just NPR and NPR Member Stations, or an even more restricted group that you specify.

You may also override your default settings with stricter permissions on specific posts as needed.

The permission interface will be activated for all Core Publisher sites as part of the next code push currently scheduled for the evening of October 10th. If you are interested in using the permissions interface sooner, please contact the Station Relations team:

Improving the Core Publisher Admin – Add/Edit Posts

We’ve been laying the groundwork for improvements to the administrative sections of Core Publisher. We’re starting with the post add/edit page because our data shows that stations are spending 5 times more time on those pages than any other page in the Core Publisher admin.

Here are the changes in the works:

  • We’ve created a container for our new Post edit form
  • We’ve re-arranged the elements on the form to group required items on the top and keep related elements together

The new post edit forms have not been rolled out to Core Publisher sites. Due to the variety of workflows, we are interested in having a number of stations help us test the new form first.

The testing period will begin during the week of Columbus Day (10/9 – 10/12). If you’re interested in participating please contact your Station Relations Support Manager or send us a note through this form:

Content Import Verification Tool

For stations setting up new Core Publisher sites, we now have a tool available to Station Admins that will let you check your content import files from legacy systems that have been formatted to match our import schema. The verification tool will check for for proper XML and ensure the elements in the file match our required schema.

Improved Testing/Quality Control Changes

We’ve recently reviewed our code testing and quality control processes to minimize the potential for errors within the Core Publisher system when code updates are made, and have adopted the following quality assurance measures each development sprint:

  • All code must be reviewed by a fellow development team member before it is given to the Quality Assurance (QA) team to test.
  • We now do "code freeze" Monday evenings at 11:59 PM, which means developers do not make any more updates to the code we are slated to push that week after that time so our developers and QA team can test the code for two solid days.
  • We clone all the sites down to a testing platform for this QA process and each developer is assigned to 5-10 stations (for QAing) during code freeze.

If you have any question about our quality control process, please contact the Station Relations team:

Other Updates

  • We’ve improved error handling (when audio does not make it to our CDN)
  • We’ve fixed a bug that was causing editors to see “Ajax Error” messages, and in some cases preventing editors from adding additional items (like images or audio files) to a post.
  • We’ve added better error handling on topics pages when a tag is not selected to feed the topic page.