Core Publisher Updates: Image Placement In Posts and Pages Now Available

Jul 10, 2012


These features and more were added to Core Publisher last week:

  • You are no longer restricted to placing all your images at the top of your posts.
  • Asset Placement now allows you to place images throughout your post, where they make sense for your story.
  • Web Clips will now flow into the local news & category areas on the Modular Homepage when published.

Details below:

Asset Placement v.1.0 Now Available!

You may now place images within the body of pages and posts.


The main goal of the asset placement projects has been to allow you to place images in posts and pages in a way that allows us to provide continuity when your content is consumed across platforms (Mobile, etc.). The first iteration of that work is now available.

How it Works

You can use the wysiwyg feature in the edit view of pages or posts to place images inline with the text.

  • Place your cursor where the image should appear (note that images will always float right).
  • Click on the image button on the far right of the wysiwyg toolbar at the top of the text editor.
  • An image upload window will appear. You can upload an image or go to the “search” or “library” tabs to find a previously used image.
  • After an image is selected, a form to edit/add key metadata will appear. Note – you may now add tags when uploading an image to better categorize images to re-use later. Tags are used in the image search within the Core Publisher admin, but not visible to end users.

Images placed within the body of a page or post are always right-justified alongside the text. You may continue to add images the old way using the “Image Gallery” feature on the post or page edit screen to place all images at the top of the post, if you prefer.


Slideshows are managed in the same way they’ve always been. If you would like to add a slideshow to the top of the post, use the “Image Gallery” box in the “Post Assets” are of the post edit screen.

Primary Images

When there are multiple images on your post or page, the system automatically tags one as the “primary image” to be used when that piece of content is promoted across your site and elsewhere.

  • When images are added within the body of the page or post, the image closest to the top will be used as the primary image.
  • When images are added to the “Image Gallery” section of the page or post, the first image in the list will be used as the primary image.
  • When both the “Image Gallery” and images placed within the body of the page or post are used, the first image in the “Image Gallery” list will be used as the primary image.

Up Next

We plan additional improvements to Asset Placement in upcoming sprints, including:

  • Allowing placement of additional assets types, including audio.
  • Ensuring stories shared across Core Pub sites look the same.

As always:

We look forward to your feedback on how to improve asset placement to make your workflow more efficient. Please submit feedback and feature requests via the form at

Web Clip Updates

Thanks to the invaluable feedback we’ve received from many stations, we’ve made some updates to the new Web Clip post type:

  • Web Clips now showing in the modular homepage’s Local News block and category blocks, and on /news.
  • You will receive a message if the content you are embedding is greater than 520 characters. In those cases you will need to reduce the description coming from the source you’re linking to.

Other Updates

  • “More” Link on Category Blocks – All Category Blocks on the Modular Homepage now feature a “More” link at the bottom of each block linking to the appropriate category page.
  • Mobile River – A station automatically retrieving stories from the NPR API may now select to prevent those stories from flowing into the mobile view of the site’s river of news.
  • New Site Search – We continued to test an updated site search solution. One show-stopping issue was uncovered and fixed. We will begin testing the new solution with two stations before rolling it out to all Core Publisher sties in the next week or two.
  • Analytics – Event tracking has been added to your podcast and RSS URLs to enable reporting on traffic to podcast and RSS feed links.
  • Ad Blocks – If an ad block is disabled, you will now see a “disabled block” message in the “ad config” section of the Core Publisher Admin.

Defects Addressed

  • Issues with custom API query tool fixed.
  • Images on static pages open into a lightbox to display the image at its full size again.
  • “itpc://” no longer being automatically prepended onto “use another player” podcast links on /rss.
  • Empty extra rows no longer showing in Now Playing block.
  • Ads out of order fixed for new installs. TableQueue row issues fix worked on.