CORE PUBLISHER UPDATES:New API features, Twitter Cards, and Regression Testing

Jan 18, 2013

This week and next the following updates are being made to the Core Publisher system through a series of hot fixes versus a large code push:

Twitter Cards

We have begun "white-listing" sites for inclusion in the Twitter Card program, fro the Twitter app and site. The Twitter Card program provides a preview of the full site on Twitter when a URL is shared in a tweet.

To take full advantage of Twitter Cards, make sure any of your authors who are actively using Twitter professionally have their Twitter handle entered in their people page. Twitter needs access to your full Twitter URL, for example:

For more information on Twitter cards, see this blog post written by Todd Mundt.

New Ways to Use the API in Core Publisher

One important long-term goal of Core Publisher is to support stations wishing to easily share content with each other.

In this sprint we have tackled use cases that seemed to hit a lot of station needs around easily publishing partner content, ans stations displaying their own content on other platforms:

1. Browsing Content from Partner Stations: It is now possible to browse content that a partner station has put into the API via the stations' "OrgID." Your station's "OrgID" is a unique ID number under which the API stores all of your station's content. You many enter another station's OrgID number into the new "Get Station Content" tab to browse the available stories and manually publish stories to your site, like you would with NPR stories.

2. Auto Publish and Categorize Station Content: We have updated the Retrieve and Categorize NPR API Content module to allow you to specify a station's OrgID to automatically retrieve stories from a specific station and publish them to a specific category on your site.

3. API Teaser: We have changed how many characters we put in the API teaser. We now send 155 characters, or everything above the break, whichever comes first. This matters for anyone retrieving API content on other platforms, like pulling the latest headlines from a Core Publisher news site onto their main website.

If your needs aren't met with these features, please let us know! We are actively looking for additional needs. If you need the "Retrieve and Categorize NPR API Content" module activated on your site, contact Station Relations by completing this form:

Regression Test Updates

This sprint the team completed a set of updates to the regression tests performed on Core Publisher whenever updates are made to the system, with a special focus on testing around audio functionality.

Defects Addressed

  • Unnecessary scrollbar on aggregation pages fixed