Covering Isaac with the Power of the Network

Aug 28, 2012

We're seeing a number of stations covering hurricane Isaac, and using the API to do it. We highly recommend making use of stories pumping out of the Two-Way blog because it's focused on breaking news and developing stories. Secondarily, you can search the API, find and republish the more traditional stories from the NPR newsmagazines.

But have you considered leveraging content from other local stations in the path of Isaac - like WWNO, for instance? (When we say network in the headline, we're talking about the nationwide network of local public radio news operations, not NPR.)

Much of the coverage from WWNO and other stations in the path of the storm is highly local, which makes sense, but when there are major national stories - a hurricane, a political convention, or whatever - it pays to query the API for content from local stations, too, because you might find some really interesting stories to share with your audience.