On-Demand audio improvements in Station Analytics System

Feb 2, 2016

By now you may have heard the news about an exciting collaboration amongst public media partners to develop new guidelines for tracking podcast audience metrics. Below is a bit of background information, details on how the new guidelines are being incorporated into the on-demand audio dashboards in the NPR DS Station Analytics System, and what the change may mean for your own podcasting stats.

New Public Radio Podcast Measurement Guidelines

For the past several months the major producers and distributors of public radio podcasts have been working together to increase the accuracy and reliability of podcast audience measurement. This work has resulted in the new Public Radio Podcast Measurement Guidelines. The new guidelines bring consistency to how podcasts from different public media organizations are measured, allow for fair comparisons, and offer a standardized baseline that can apply to all podcast audiences across the industry.

The producers that collaborated on this critical work were NPR, WNYC, Southern California Public Radio, APM/Minnesota Public Radio, KPBS, WBUR, PRI, PRX, WBEZ, WAMU, KQED, and the Canadian Broadcast Corporation.

More details on the specific guidelines are available here: bit.ly/podcastguidelinesĀ 

Incorporation into Station Analytics Service

The NPR DS team is working to incorporate the new guidelines into the on-demand audio tracking mechanisms build into the Station Analytics Service (SAS). Starting March 1, 2016 the metrics you see in the on-demand dashboards will reflect the updated guidelines.

The majority of stations will not see their numbers change very much as a result of these updates.

If your station does not currently have metrics on local podcasts and audio segments being tracked within SAS, you can read about how to get started on our blog.

Should you have questions about the numbers you see in your SAS dashboard, contact the NPR DS Analytics team at analytics@ds.npr.org.