On-Demand Audio Metrics Are Now Available in Station Analytics Dashboards

Dec 12, 2014

We all have access to useful metrics on our sites and our live streams. But on-demand audio created by stations - including audio segments, archived programs, and podcasts - has been a black hole. Not anymore.

We're happy to announce the launch of phase 1 of on-demand audio metrics in the Station Analytics System. For the first time, a station can see just how much listening is occurring on its segments and podcasts. This new dashboard includes listening happening anywhere: on station sites and apps, aggregators, and other sites and apps such as NPR.org. The data is based on your on-demand audio log files, so any player that points to your audio files on your CDN will get counted in this dashboard. If you missed our Dec 18 demo webinar, you can view the recording on nprstations.org !

Because this system is based on log file data (and each different log file requires us to create a new parser), we're launching this gradually. Today, all stations who use Core Publisher for audio will see the new dashboard. (It's also live for WAMU, because we wanted a non-Core Publisher station in this pilot to make sure our solution could scale.) All other stations may now start the sign up process to add their data. View our recent webinar to see the detailed sign up process and answered station questions.

Here are the metrics you'll find in the new on-demand audio dashboard:

  • Audience size: How many unique users have downloaded audio segments or podcasts in the selected time period, based on unique IP address.
  • Engagement: How much listening time the average person downloads. Important note: It's impossible to know how much of what's downloaded to players and podcast apps actually gets listened to, so the dashboard uses "downloaded listening time." Keep in mind as you look at the data that these numbers are likely exaggerations of actual listening time.
  • Top content: Which of your segments and podcasts are getting downloaded the most.
  • In the future, we'll also add numbers for total downloaded listening hours as well as segments/podcasts per user.
  • For these metrics, you'll be able to compare your numbers to the average of all stations we have data for.
  • As weeks go by, more data will fill in so you can start looking at trends.

Stay tuned for more improvements, and please come to our monthly analytics insights calls where we will share what we're learning from this new data!