Devices Data Now Available in Station Analytics System

Sep 8, 2015

We’re pleased to announce that the Devices Dashboard is now available in the Station Analytics System (SAS)! The dashboard will add to our new tab titled “Sources”, and provide stations the opportunity to compare website traffic trends across those visitors using Desktop, Smartphone and Tablet. You will also be able to view what those trends look like compared to the average station. This chart shows information about website traffic only (and does not include information about streaming or on-demand traffic). 

New Devices Dashboard

Just a reminder: the addition of the “Sources” tab comes with one additional change to which we’d like to draw your attention. The “Setup” page is now linked from the navigation links across the top of the page instead of the main menu bar. See images of this below.



We hope you enjoy using these new dashboards! If you’re not already using the Station Analytics System (SAS) there is more information on getting started here.